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    Bolton Firing Opens Prospect for Trump to Back LaRouche's Four Powers Agreement

    The inevitable, yet sudden firing of U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton by President Donald Trump, on September 10, offers him the opportunity to return to his campaign pledge to end the "endless wars" of his predecessors, and to pursue mutually beneficial, cooperative relations with the other great powers, Russia and China, which he promised would be a major focus of his foreign policy.  It was inevitable that Trump would dump Bolton, as the renowned war hawk was betraying Trump's stated intention to not just end the wars, but also his commitment to put an end to the regime change policies and fake "nation building" which have characterized Bolton's career as an operative of the famed "Military Industrial Complex", during which he has loyally pursued the geopolitical doctrines serving the interests of the British Empire.  In recent months, Bolton has been engaged directly in the sabotage of Trump's major foreign policy initiatives, at times acting as though he were the President.  

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    Behind the Vilification of China: The Desperate Campaign to Derail LaRouche's New Bretton Woods

    This article includes contributions from Barbara Boyd

    In recent discussions, Schiller Institute founder and President Helga Zepp-LaRouche has emphasized that there is not a single economic problem which could not be solved by U.S.-China cooperation. She noted that the personal relationship between Presidents Trump and Xi, forged during an initial summit in Mar-a-Lago, Florida in April 2017, and deepened during Trump’s visit to Beijing in November 2017, offered hope that the United States might engage in a collaborative relationship with China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which could even include Chinese participation in modernizing America’s rapidly deteriorating infrastructure.

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    Special Memo: G7 Circus Diverts Attention From New Central Bankster Swindle

    The G7 nations engaged in a three-ring circus of obfuscation, while demonstrating a convincing display of their institutional policy bankruptcy, at their August 24-26 summit in Biarritz, France, where they sidestepped discussion of the real issues facing humanity, by avoiding any discussion of the single, defining matter before mankind: The irreversible bankruptcy of the entire London-run trans-Atlantic financial system.  While the circus was underway in Biarritz, the real agenda was presented quietly, without much fanfare or publicity, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on August 22-24.  There, at the annual meeting convened by the Kansas City Federal Reserve, a gang of central bankers and other financial swindlers called for a "regime change in monetary policy", in a desperate attempt to keep their empire intact.  As described by the Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche, "The real story is that the Jackson Hole meeting declared a coup, what they themselves call a 'regime change in monetary policy'.  They are openly demanding the issuance, by Central Banks, of 'helicopter money,' which would basically eliminate the last aspects of national sovereignty of governments, by giving the authority to the central banks to directly pump fiat money both into official state, but also private channels⁠—and naturally, this is also supposed to all finance the Green Deal."  

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    The LaRouche Factor in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

    To anyone who has been paying attention to the exposure by this and other LaRouche publications of the lies spread in the media to support the fabricated narrative of Russiagate, and the anti-science fraud of man-made climate change, there were three very interesting stories in the last week which usefully put a spotlight on this process. The three stories covered different themes, but had a common thread: Lyndon LaRouche and his movement's long history of prescient analysis, which is why it remains a significant factor in shaping U.S. policy today, after LaRouche's passing on February 12, at 96 years old.

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