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    Trump and the "Not-so-Special" Relationship


    Given the urgent insistence from President Trump that investigators get to the bottom of what is behind the coup attempt against him, there has been an intensified focus on the role of the British monarchy, which acted through its intelligence channels in the U.K. and in the U.S., in launching Russiagate.  While the anti-Trump fanatics, including pro-impeachment Democrats, neo-con Republicans and mainstream media, continue to pound the "Russia hacking" line—that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, to elect Trump, citing the Mueller investigation and his fraudulent report as proof—the evidence of the British role is finally emerging into public view, with potentially devastating blow-back to come against the perpetrators.  

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    Trump Escalates Fight Against British War Party

    In an interview with Fox-TV News on May 20, President Donald Trump dropped another in a recent series of bombshells, when he described those pushing for war with Iran as part of a “Military-Industrial Complex” (MIC), run by people who “like war.”  Speaking of the opposition to his orders to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria, first announced in April 2018, he said “if it was up to them, they'd bring thousands of soldiers in...They never want to leave. They always want to fight.”

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    Coup Plotters Are Now Facing Their Day of Reckoning

    Though president Trump has declared that the "Collusion Delusion" is dead, killed off by the report released on March 22 by special counsel Robert Mueller, which exonerated him of charges that he "colluded" with Russian President Putin to rig the 2016 election, rabid anti-Trumpers continue their desperate search for phantom leads, in multiple Congressional committees, and in the Fake News rooms of major media across the U.S. and in western Europe.

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    Anti-Trump Coup Plotters Respond to Defeats with Frenzied Push for War

    The combined effect of the release of the Mueller report on March 22, which exonerated President Donald Trump of impeachable crimes, and the ninety-minute phone conversation he had with Russian President Putin on May 3, has unleashed a frenzied drive for impeachment and war, as his enemies from the British Empire's camp are wildly lashing out, to defend their failed global paradigm.  Freed from the attempted blackmail of the "Russiagate" investigation, Trump's wide-ranging discussion with Putin showed that he now believes that he can proceed with plans for broad strategic cooperation with Russia, which could include joint collaboration with China on dealing with crisis spots, and matters of trade and arms control.  It is fear that this has been Trump's intent all along, to break with the post-war unilateralist paradigm of the geopoliticians, which provoked the British-directed Russiagate operation to defeat him in the 2016 election, and subsequent efforts to remove him from office in a coup after he won.

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