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    Mueller's 'Russiagate': Much Disruptive Noise, Still No Evidence

    With delighted squeals of approval from the mainstream media, and cheers from the anti-Trump neo-con/neo-lib imperial faction, special counsel Robert Mueller took a series of highly-publicized steps last week, intended to buttress the "Russiagate" case against President Donald Trump.  He has done this before, as with his ludicrous indictment of twelve Russian GRU officials, the day before the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki last July, allegedly for "hacking" Democratic Party emails. His maneuver then did not deter the President from meeting with President Putin in Helsinki, though it set the stage for hysterical reactions from anti-Trumpers after the summit, who accused the President of "treason" for not publicly denouncing Putin for "meddling." 

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    Harley featured on "Crush The Street"

    Harley just competed an excellent interview with the anti-Wall Street organization, "Crush The Street."  Their coverage of the interview starts, 

    "A confluence of shocks to the stock market are converging as 2018 fights its way through its final month: technical chart levels being broken, the yield curve flattening and on the verge of inverting, the continuation of trade tensions… Investors are on the edge and seeking some sage guidance in these troubling times."

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    Without a Fundamental & Sudden Change in the World Financial System, a New Crash is Coming

    The Crash of September 2008 should never have happened.  Just over a year before the decision was made by the neo-liberal monetarists running the Bush Treasury Department  and the U.S. Federal Reserve to allow an over-leveraged, bankrupt Lehman Brothers to go under, setting in motion a chain reaction collapse which threatened to vaporize the entire western financial system, economist Lyndon LaRouche identified the danger as "systemic", and offered a solution. 

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    Mueller & Ukraine Escalation Sabotage Trump-Putin Summit

    That the British Empire and its geopolitical stooges fear the prospects of Presidents Trump and Putin forging a cooperative alliance has been conclusively proven once again by events which led to the cancellation of the latest attempt of the two to meet, last weekend in Buenos Aires at the G20 summit.  Despite the hysterical response in the U.S. and among America's putative allies against Trump and Putin following their summit meeting in Helsinki last July, the U.S. President repeatedly has reiterated his intention to increase his personal engagement with Putin.  A planned meeting, on the sideline of the Paris commemoration of the end of the First World War on November 11, was scuttled by French President Macron, who not only insisted no meeting take place, but used his pulpit to attack "nationalism", in a direct assault on both leaders, who advocate robust national sovereignty as a precondition for successful bilateral and multi-lateral relations.  

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