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    A Campaign Unlike Any Other

    As we, as a people, move through the month of August, 2020, with a Presidential election now only three months away, the question is posed to each of us: Do we have the moral fitness to survive? We are not outside observers of these events, nor is it our job to “report on” or make commentaries about what is transpiring. The issue before us is, as Abraham Lincoln posed it: Will government of the people, by the people, and for the people – the greatest experiment in the freedom to do good and foster human creativity in history – survive and prosper into the future? The responsibility to ensure that this occurs lies within each of us, and the decisions we make and actions we take over the next 12 weeks will determine the outcome.

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    Pompeo in London Cavorts with Anti-Trump War Hawks

    "Great to be back in London to reaffirm the #Special Relationship we share with our closest ally."  With this tweet, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demonstrated his allegiance to the British financial and intelligence networks which initiated the fabricated Russiagate story to conduct a regime change coup against the U.S. President he is supposed to be serving.  While most of his activities in London involved an intense campaign to bring Boris Johnson's government into the global anti-China alliance he is attempting to build, it coincided with a renewed escalation against Russia, coming from the same British imperial networks.

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    Roger Stone Comes Out Fighting, Latest Developments Shred Russiagate Narrative

    Events in the last week indicate there is a new momentum building toward crushing the coup against President Trump in the U.S., and the coup plotters are not at all pleased. One of these developments, Trump's commutation of the conviction of Roger Stone, provoked howls of outrage, including from former special counsel Robert Mueller, as the action not only vacated Stone's prison sentence, but frees him to speak out about the fraud of Russiagate and the damage it has done to the United States.

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    Trump Challenges Americans to Live Up to Ideals of American Revolution

    As the partisan polarization of the U.S. presidential election has become increasingly ugly, with some Democrats going so far as to accuse Donald Trump of treason over the fake news that he did not respond to the allegations of the payment of "Russian bounties" to the Taliban to kill Americans in Afghanistan, the President stood in the shadow of the famous sculptures of Presidents at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, and issued an appeal to all Americans, to look to the history of the nation for inspiration to address the crises confronting the world today.  His speech, delivered to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence, was a passionate defense of the hard-fought victory over the imperial forces of Great Britain, and comes as radical mobs shaped by Jacobin ideology deployed from, and sponsored by, today's imperial enforcers, are engaged in what he called a "left-wing cultural revolution...to overthrow the American Revolution."  In the face of this "new far left fascism," as gangs of provocateurs are rampaging through cities, tearing down statues and defacing monuments, Trump declared that now is the "time to speak up loudly and strongly and powerfully and defend the integrity of our country."

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