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    NY TIMES Headline Fiasco: The Dangerous Insanity of the Anti-Trump Coup Plotters

    The virulent blow-back against the truthful headline in the New York Times’ (NYT) lead article on President Trump’s remarks to the nation on August 5, in response to the mass killings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, reveals the desperation of those committed to removing Trump, following the utter failure of the Russiagate investigation to provide the means to do so. The headline in the first print edition of the paper on August 6 read, “Trump Urges Unity vs. Racism.” This accurately conveyed the central theme of Trump’s address, in which he described the killings as a “crime against all humanity,” and said that, “In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy.”

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    The Real Story Behind Mueller's Disastrous Performance

    Anyone who watched the contorted and confused expressions on the face of former special counsel Robert Mueller during his testimony before two Congressional Committees on July 24, or heard his unsure, evasive, often-stumbling answers to questions, can now see why he had resisted making an appearance before Congress.  Despite his resistance, Democratic Congressional leaders insisted he appear.  Their purpose, in demanding that he testify, according to the anti-Trump Washington Post (WaPo), was to "give impeachment advocates fresh momentum." 

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    The Recovery that Wasn't

    When running for President in 2016, Donald Trump repeatedly ridiculed the claims of Hillary Clinton that President Obama's economic program was responsible for a robust economic recovery from the Crash of 2008.  She cited the dramatic rebound of stock values, and reduction of the unemployment rate, as proofs of this claim.  Trump charged that neither of these indicators was valid proof of a recovery, as stock valuations did not reflect the real economy, as a majority of Americans devastated by that crash had not recovered, with more than eight million families losing their homes; and that the unemployment figures did not reflect the real status of the workforce, as nearly a third of potentially employable people were not counted, as they were no longer looking for work, and therefore, did not show up as "unemployed" in official figures.

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    British Plot for US War with Iran May Backfire and Finish British Empire

    Cables sent from the United Kingdom's Ambassador to Washington, Sir Kim Darroch, to the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), which were leaked to the Daily Mail and published on July 7, show that at the same time he was wining and dining associates of President Donald Trump, he was composing derisive missives against him, as part of a strategy to contain him, or remove him from office.  When viewed together with the discredited anti-Trump dossier compiled by former MI6 operative Christopher Steele, which was used by Obama intelligence officials to justify a regime change coup against him, the deployment of British circles against Trump, and against his efforts to break decisively with the dangerous adherence to British geopolitics, becomes unmistakably clear: these were features of a desperate campaign to keep the United States engaged in wars around the globe, wars directed for the benefit of a collapsing British Empire.

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