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    British Pawns Launch Desperate Attacks Against Trump & His Allies, to Save Dying System

    On January 25, a pre-dawn raid, conducted by more than twenty FBI agents brandishing heavy weaponry and wearing body armor, was carried out against long-time Donald Trump ally Roger Stone.  Let us be very clear—this action was, and is, intended to send a chilling message to anyone wishing to speak out or defend President Donald Trump. The threat is clear: “If you persist in defending Trump, you may yourself become a target of an out-of-control special counsel.”

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    Fascist Raid and Persecution of Roger Stone Exposes True Intent of Mueller

    The pre-dawn raid on the home of Roger Stone on January 25, in which armor-clad FBI agents brandishing weapons pounded on his front door, in front of a TV camera, was scripted like a scene out of a movie.  In this case, the target was not a notorious terrorist, a violent narcotics trafficker, or a murderous psychopath, but a well-known, successful political consultant, who is charged with crimes such as "lying to the Congress."   In a release from LaRouchePAC, it is described as "yet another Mueller 'bombshell' in which the crime alleged has been created by Mueller, based on harassing and bankrupting potential witnesses—a so-called process crime for falling into created perjury traps—a concocted crime that has nothing to do with Trump himself."  

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    Time for the Truth: The British Empire Must Finally Be Destroyed

    A call by a group of sixty prominent Americans to reopen the investigations of four assassinations in the 1960s has a special resonance today, at a time of legitimately heightened skepticism about "official" pronouncements coming from government agencies, especially those tied to military and intelligence networks.  The group, which calls itself a "Truth and Reconciliation Committee", has proposed setting up an oversight capability for the release of all documents related to the Kennedy assassination and presidency, as well as a public inquest into the other three assassinations in that tumultuous decade, of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Sen. Robert Kennedy.  Members of the group include Isaac Newton Farris, Jr., a nephew of Dr. King; Rev. James A. Lawson, a close associate of King; Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, two children of Robert Kennedy; Daniel Ellsberg, whose release of the "Pentagon Papers" exposed the lies behind the build-up of the Vietnam War; filmmaker Oliver Stone; and historians, journalists, and experts who have investigated the assassinations.  

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    Potential for a New Era of U.S.-Mexico Relations Requires a Return to the Principles of LaRouche's "Operation Juarez"

    The government shutdown in the U.S. continues, with no sign of compromise from President Donald Trump on his insistence that border security requires physical barriers, since law enforcement cannot police thousands of miles of border without them. The unfortunate reality is that uninhabited border areas not controlled by law enforcement, are controlled by criminal gangs.  The President made this a major campaign issue in 2016, and again in the 2018 midterm elections, insisting that more physical barriers are necessary to insure border security, in order to protect the country from drug trafficking and other crime, as well as criminal gangs’ control of illegal immigration.

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