Roger Stone Comes Out Fighting, Latest Developments Shred Russiagate Narrative

Events in the last week indicate there is a new momentum building toward crushing the coup against President Trump in the U.S., and the coup plotters are not at all pleased. One of these developments, Trump's commutation of the conviction of Roger Stone, provoked howls of outrage, including from former special counsel Robert Mueller, as the action not only vacated Stone's prison sentence, but frees him to speak out about the fraud of Russiagate and the damage it has done to the United States.

And speaking out he is. In his first major interview with Sean Hannity of FOX News, Stone made clear that he intends to fight for a full vindication, emphasizing that he did nothing wrong, but was the target of a fraudulent prosecution run by Mueller, House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff, and others, including former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. This prosecution was abetted by a judge whose prejudice against Stone was evident when she slapped him with a gag order to silence him, and refused to allow him to present a defense, which would have enabled him to prove that the charges that he was collaborating with Russian intelligence were completely false.

Stone reviewed the charges against him with Hannity, explaining for example that his Twitter exchange with "Guccifer 2" occurred after Wikileaks published the emails that were allegedly hacked by "the Russians". Further, he said that the exchange was "benign", adding that there is not even evidence that Guccifer is a Russian asset. "Just because John Brennan said something is true, he said the Steele dossier was real, too." Stone was referring to the lack of veracity of the former CIA Director, Brennan, who was one of the authors and key promoters of the Russiagate narrative, and was among those who claimed Stone's twitter connection to Guccifer proved he was a liaison between the Trump campaign and those who allegedly hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC)/Clinton campaign emails. As for his reference to former MI6 operative Christopher Steele, it was Steele's fake dossier which was used by the FBI to obtain surveillance warrants against the Trump campaign from the FISA Court, even though they knew the dossier was full of lies.

After pointing out that "just because they assert something doesn't mean its true"—referring back to the likes of Brennan and his cohorts—he stated that he did not receive a fair trial, due to a ruling from Judge Amy Berman Jackson denying him the opportunity to show the charge that he was a liaison between the Trump campaign and "Russian hackers" was false, because there was no Russian hacking! "I could have proved at trial using forensic and expert testimony from fellows like Bill Binney, former NSA counterintelligence expert, and Ray McGovern, that no one hacked the DNC, that there was no online hack of the DNC....But I wasn't allowed to present that defense because Judge Jackson would not allow it."


Binney did the only forensic investigation of the charge of Russian hacking, as neither the FBI, nor any other intelligence agencies which claimed there was Russian hacking did an investigation. Binney and his colleagues found numerous technical reasons which prove that the servers allegedly hacked had not been hacked, and the data was likely retrieved through a download to a thumb drive or related device—in other words, an inside job! Disallowing his testimony allowed the prosecutors to hide behind the endlessly repeated assertion that "The Russians did it." It should be noted that this charge is also discredited by testimony delivered under oath, by the President of CrowdStrike, Shawn Henry, who told the House Intelligence Committee, that they never had any evidence of the "exfiltration" of files, i.e., they were not hacked. CrowdStrike was the DNC's cyber security firm, and the only agency which had access to the servers. Despite Henry's admission, CrowdStrike publicly insisted the computers had been hacked by "the Russians."

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The targeting of Stone by prosecutors was central to their case. Accusing him of providing the Trump campaign with advanced knowledge of the coming release of the documents by Wikileaks, which showed a pattern of fraud and illegal activity by the Hillary Clinton campaign against Bernie Sanders, her opponent for the Democratic nomination in 2016, was part of their effort to fabricate the charge of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Stone, who during his 40-year friendship with Donald Trump repeatedly urged him to run for President, is a legendary political operative, a best-selling author, and a campaign strategist who worked in victorious campaigns with Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

Now that Stone is free to speak the truth, none other than Robert Mueller was trotted out to write an op ed in the Washington Post on July 11 to defend the case against him. What Mueller argued is that the "Russian investigation was of paramount importance [because] Russia's actions were a threat to America's democracy." Mueller writes that his team "identified numerous links between the Russian government and Trump campaign personnel", but fails to mention that none of these alleged links was ever proven in court. Even while insisting that Stone was guilty, Mueller was forced to admit in the op ed that, "We did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government in its activities." But that has not prevented him nor the opponents of President Trump from insisting that there was Russian meddling and Russian hacking, and that this Russian activity led to the Trump victory over Clinton.

Among those still pushing the "Russians did it" line is Joe Biden, Trump's likely opponent in the November 2020 election. Biden's latest claim is that he has "been briefed" by intelligence officials that the Russians are already engaged in major operations to determine the outcome of the 2020 election. If this claim that he has been briefed is true, it confirms both Biden's bias in favor of geopolitical confrontation with Russia, and the continuing role of intelligence agents to sabotage the potential for Trump to pursue peaceful cooperation with Russia, to resolve global crises and hot spots. Such operatives are part of the "permanent bureaucracy", which represents what President Eisenhower warned against as the "Military Industrial Complex," i.e., those for whom geopolitical confrontation is necessary. This is the permanent bureaucracy which Trump attacked as "The Swamp" which must be drained, during his 2016 campaign.


In addition to the lie of Russian hacking, the other pilar of the initial Russiagate was the series of memos drafted by Christopher Steele. Steele's "dodgey dossier" contained wild and completely false charges against Trump, alleging that Putin had "dirt" on Trump which could be used to blackmail and control him. It was used by the FBI to obtain warrants from the secret FISA Court to spy on the Trump campaign. New documents released by a former Assistant Attorney General show that not only did the FBI confirm that the Steele dossier was false, but that it was paid for by the Clinton campaign—yet, they used it anyway, and both FBI Director Comey and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein signed the warrant application. Sen. Lindsey Graham this week released additional evidence showing that the Russian "source" who provided the lurid, and false, accusations in Steele's dossier was actually an employee of Steele's private security firm, Orbis.

Steele's credibility took another hit in a London Court, when a judge ruled against him in a libel case brought by two Russians, who were accused by Steele of having been part of a deal worked through Alpha Bank, which connected Putin and Trump. Steele was fined by Judge Warby of the English and Wales High Court, for an "inaccurate and misleading" assessment, in which he "failed to take reasonable steps to verify the allegation."

Yet despite being thoroughly discredited, Steele resurfaced this week in a report released by the British parliament which asserts that Russia meddled in the 2016 Brexit vote in the United Kingdom. The authors of the report specifically thank Christopher Steele for his contributions. The target of the report is not just Russia, but also Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who according to the British press, "turned a blind eye" to Russian interference. While acknowledging that it would be "difficult—if not impossible—to prove" the allegations against Russia, it is obvious that the same gang of coup plotters in British intelligence behind the targeting of Trump are now going after Boris Johnson, for the same reason—that he is open to cooperation with Russia, and would participate in the summit being organized by Putin, of the Permanent Five members of the U.N. Security Council.

And so, the defenders of a world run through use of geopolitical confrontation, which could lead to a new world war, refuse to allow the thoroughly discredited Russian meddling story to die. When asked about whether there had been collusion between Trump and Russia in his interview with Hannity, Roger Stone answered this simply, but forcefully. The prosecutor "had no Russian collusion because there was no Russian collusion, it was a hoax." It can be expected that Mr. Stone will have much more to say on this between now and the November election.


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    thank you for this report on mr stone. once again u see to it all those who follow you get the truth. i think most folks are worried about mail in ballots and the fraud it would create to defeat this great president . i read every word you post and then share it with others .
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