Pompeo in London Cavorts with Anti-Trump War Hawks

"Great to be back in London to reaffirm the #Special Relationship we share with our closest ally."  With this tweet, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demonstrated his allegiance to the British financial and intelligence networks which initiated the fabricated Russiagate story to conduct a regime change coup against the U.S. President he is supposed to be serving.  While most of his activities in London involved an intense campaign to bring Boris Johnson's government into the global anti-China alliance he is attempting to build, it coincided with a renewed escalation against Russia, coming from the same British imperial networks.

As we have reported over the three-and-a-half years of the Trump presidency, the Russiagate narrative was fabricated in London, in conjunction with intelligence officials from the Obama regime, to make it impossible for President Trump to pursue his campaign promise to put an end to the era of "endless wars", through forging friendly, cooperative relationships with both Russia and China.  While some progress was made initially, by one-on-one diplomacy through which Trump engaged directly with Presidents Putin and Xi, the old post-Cold War establishment kept up a drumbeat of U.S. unilateralism, insisting that it would be a mistake to break out of the boundaries imposed by British-initiated geopolitical relations.  Russia was accused of winning the election for Trump through its "hacking" and "meddling", and Trump of "colluding" with the Russians.  Even as the lies behind the attacks on Putin and Trump were exposed and refuted, those opposing Trump's moves to break out of the old paradigm continued to use the narrative to contain him, handicapping his presidency and worsening relations between the two nations.

As for China, it has been the target of a constant stream of lies and slanders, culminating with the Big Lie, that China is responsible for the spread of the Coronavirus in the west.  At the center of the campaign against China has been Mike Pompeo.

He began his visit by saying he wants "to congratulate" the British government "for its principled responses" to the challenges coming from China.  These included the decision to end the extradition treaty with Hong Kong, and to reverse its relationship with the Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei, by removing it from the U.K.'s 5G network by 2027.  

Pompeo's commitment to the "special relationship" is not new.  In a May 7, 2019 speech to the Arctic Council, he said that given "the challenges of our time", now is not the time "for either of us to go wobbly....The special relationship doesn't simply endure, it's thriving...."

In addition to meetings with Prime Minister Johnson and Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, he met with Chris Patten, the last British Governor of Hong Kong, and a leading backer of regime change there; Nathan Law, a "pro-democracy" figure in Hong Kong; and a gang of Tory war hawk Members of Parliament, at a roundtable discussion sponsored by the Henry Jackson Society (HJS).


The HJS meeting provides clear evidence that Pompeo's loyalty is not to President Trump.  The organization was established in London in collaboration with leading neocons from the Committee on the Present Danger, and the Project for a New American Century, two pro-war institutions which promoted the idea that the U.S. won the Cold War, and therefore must be the enforcer of a unilateral world order.  Among the U.S. founders and patrons of HJS are leading advocates of the 2003 war against Iraq: Robert Kagan, a leading neocon, who prefers the more British term "liberal interventionist" to describe himself, and is the husband of one of the coordinators of the regime change coup in Ukraine, Victoria Nuland; William Kristol, an initiator of the "Never Trump" Republicans in 2016; Richard Perle, who as Assistant Secretary of Defense in the G.W. Bush administration played a key role in promoting the war to topple Saddam Hussein, and destroyed Iraq in the process; and James Woolsey, a hard-line Cold Warrior who served as Bill Clinton's CIA Director.  Trump has repeatedly referred to the Iraq war as one of the "dumbest" acts ever undertaken by the U.S.

One of the most prominent British figures involved in HJS is Sir Richard Dearlove, head of MI6 from 1999 to 2004.  It was Dearlove who delivered the fabricated "dodgy dossier" asserting that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction, which was used to justify the invasion of Iraq in March 2003.  Dearlove is also responsible for the promotion of Christopher Steele to a top position in the Russia desk in MI6, and used his influence in the U.S. to validate Steele's "dodgy dossier", which claimed that Putin had "blackmail" material on Donald Trump, to explain why the Russians allegedly intervened to support his election.  Steele's dossier, which was paid for by the Clinton campaign, was identified as a fraud by FBI officials in 2016, who nevertheless used it to gain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign.  Earlier this month, a London judge fined Steele for defamation of two Russian bankers, saying his charge that they had been intermediaries between Putin and Trump was "inaccurate and misleading", and that he "failed to take reasonable steps to verify the allegation," a description which characterizes the entirety of Steele's fabrications.

Dearlove continues to be active in the HJS, having provided the forward to a May 2019 report issued by the institution,"Defending Our Data: Huawei, 5G and the Five Eyes", which was used to pressure the Johnson government to break its ties with Huawei.  Dearlove has also actively promoted the allegation that China is responsible for the global spread of COVID19the HJS is pushing a suit to be filed against China, seeking $3 trillion in damages for their role in "spreading" the pandemic.  While in London, Pompeo repeated these charges, as he has in the last months, insisting that the World Health Organization has been "bought" by China, and is responsible for "dead Britons."

The most recent anti-China diatribe produced by the HJS was published in May 2020, and criticizes Trump's trade negotiations with China.  It is titled "Breaking the Supply Chain: How Five Eyes Can Decouple from Strategic Dependency."  An American contributor to this report is Sen. Marco Rubio, a leading anti-China hawk, who was a bitter opponent of Trump in the 2016 battle for the Republican nomination.

The British press characterized Pompeo's session at the HJS as calculated to pressure PM Johnson to adopt a "hard-line against China."  Johnson, in his meeting with Pompeo, said he did not want to be "a knee-jerk Sinophobe," adding that, despite the steps his government has taken against China, he would "not completely abandon our policy of engagement" with them.  

Pompeo continued his verbal taunts against China in a speech on July 23 at the Nixon Presidential Library, in which he called for an end to engagement, a policy initiated nearly fifty years earlier with Nixon's February 1972 trip to China.  He said, “The old paradigm of blind engagement with China simply won’t [work]…. We must not continue it and we must not return to it.” He later stated: “The truth is that our policies—and those of other free nations—resurrected China’s failing economy, only to see Beijing bite the international hands that were feeding it.”  We were “hoodwinked by Beijing’s talk of a ‘peaceful rise.’”  Of China's leader Xi Jinping, who Trump continues to call his "friend", Pompeo said he "is a true believer in a bankrupt totalitarian ideology....When it comes to the CCP, I say we must distrust and verify.” “People’s Liberation Army is not a normal army…. Its purpose is to uphold … the Chinese Communist Party elites and expand a Chinese empire, not to protect the Chinese people.” He concluded his comments asserting “...Communists almost always lie,” ironic coming from one who, in July 2019 said of the CIA, in a rare moment of honesty, "We lied, we cheated, we stole."

While Pompeo was on his anti-China tour, the State Department ordered the closing of the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas, giving the government seventy-two hours to leave.  The reason given for this escalation against China was to "protect American intellectual property and American's private property."


As Pompeo is pushing for the Johnson government to remain committed to Anglo-American cooperation for enforcement of what in reality is the geopollitical doctrine of the British Empire, Johnson demonstrated some independence in his recent call for Britain to adopt a Franklin Roosevelt-style New Deal, a break with the orthodox global austerity policies brought in by Maggie Thatcher.  This, and Johnson's reluctance to go into a full-fledged anti-China posture, may explain the timing of the release of a British Parliamentary report which claims that Russia interfered in the Brexit vote in 2016, a vote which ultimately propelled Johnson into 10 Downing Street.  In commenting on this report, the British press claimed that Johnson "turned a blind eye" to Russian meddling, a slander similar to that deployed against Trump in Russiagate.  The report itself admits that it would be "difficult—if not impossible—to prove" the allegations against Russia.  Such "difficulty" did not stop the press from relentless repetition of the fraudulent story, much the same as the U.S. media still reports on "Russian interference" in the U.S.  election, despite the complete absence of any evidence.  The report thanks none other than the discredited Christopher Steele, for his investigations into "Russian meddling" in the Brexit vote!

There are some Trump supporters who foolishly assert that, in spite of the evidence that Pompeo is collaborating with the anti-Trump coup plotters to maintain the existing, dangerous policy of geopolitical confrontation, he is a loyal member of Trump's team.  His cavorting in London with the very networks which launched Russiagate, and continue to undermine Trump's policy of peaceful cooperation with Russia and positive engagement with China, tell a different story.  As Bill Binney reported in a July 23 press conference, he presented Pompeo with the forensic evidence which proved there was no Russian hacking in the 2016 election.  The meeting had been arranged by President Trump.  That Pompeo, who at the time was CIA Director, did nothing to expose the fraud of the charges against Russia and Trump, is compelling proof that Pompeo continues to function as a Fifth Column in the administration, with a full commitment to maintain the "endless wars" underway, which Trump has pledged to end.* This madman, and the "special relationship" he embraces, must be dropped, lest his lust for British geopolitics leads to a march into a civilization-destroying nuclear war.

*William Binney, the former technical director at the NSA, put what should be the final nail in the coffin of the “Russiagate” coup attempt against the democratically elected government of the United States by the British and American intelligence agencies, their controlled and corrupt media, and the equally corrupt Congress. Appearing on an internationally broadcast event (sponsored by the Schiller Institute and EIR), Binney, together with his former associate at the NSA Kirk Wiebe and LaRouche PAC analyst Barbara Boyd, demonstrated not only that the entire three-and-a half-year Russiagate witch hunt was a manufactured hoax, but that it was known to be a hoax from the beginning by its perpetrators.  The Binney press conference can be seen here.


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