After Former FBI Deputy Director McCabe Publicly Confirms FBI Plotted Coup Against Trump, Coup Plotters Escalate

There used to be an unwritten agreement in U.S. politics, that when a President traveled abroad, to meet with foreign leaders in the national interest, political sniping was put on hold, to give the President the benefit of a show of support at home, as the nation's leader.  While this has eroded in recent years, the nastiness of events in Washington during Donald Trump's potentially ground-breaking follow-up summit this week with North Korea's President Kim Jong-un set a new low standard for divisiveness, deliberately designed to undermine the President's authority. 

The appearance of Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, at a House Oversight Committee hearing, during which Cohen set forth a carefully-scripted litany of lies aimed at Trump's credibilitywhich occurred precisely as Trump and Kim were meeting in Hanoi—was more than just a distraction.  It was part of an aggressive escalation by the British-directed coup plotters, in league with corrupt U.S. elected officials and anti-Trump neocons, aimed at removing Trump, to stop him from dumping their failed geopolitical strategy.  Similar to previous operations run by these same networks, which coincided with crucial summitsfor example, most recently the arrest of the CFO of Huawei as Trump was meeting with China's Xi Jinping in Buenos Aires to advance a trade dealthe escalation against Trump is part of a campaign to sabotage his strategic initiatives, while pursuing a regime change operation against his presidency.   

Trump referred to this in a tweet from Hanoi, writing "Having a fake hearing like that and having it in the middle of this very important summit is really a terrible thing."  In a later interview, he added that the timing "was really inappropriate."  A look at the full effect of this operation, however, demonstrates that it is more than just a "terrible thing."  If not stopped, these operations could lead to a thermonuclear war.


The Cohen hearing was preceded ten days earlier by an interview with former FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe, given to the television news-magazine program, "60 Minutes," which aired on February 17.  McCabe confirmed previous reports that he and top officials of the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) met in May 2017, shortly after Trump fired FBI Director Comey on May 9, to adopt a plan for the removal of Trump from office.  While neither McCabe nor the interviewer raised the issue of the British origin and steering of the coup, he left no doubt that the goal of those participating in the meeting was to end the Trump presidency.

In the interview, and in subsequent comments, McCabe asserted that he and the others believe that Trump ran for President "with the aid of the government of Russia", which he described as our most dangerous "adversary"; that it is "possible" that Trump, as President, has been acting on behalf of Russia; that this represents "a threat to national security"; and that, to cover it up, Trump was "obstructing justice", as when he fired FBI Director Comey, and in his continuing attacks on the investigation.  McCabe charged that Trump "had gone to extreme measures to...negatively impact, possibly turn off our investigation of Russian meddling into the election and Russian coordination with his campaign."  In making these charges, McCabe conveniently ignored that in the two-plus years of investigation into these charges, by his agency and by Special Counsel Mueller, not a shred of evidence has been produced to back them up, and that none of the indictments nor guilty pleas manufactured by Mueller are related to the initial purpose of the investigation!  Further, it remained unmentioned that it is Trump's constitutional right, as President, to fire the FBI director, and that he has not acted to close down the Russia investigation, despite the lies against him and his administration, and the highly negative effect it has had on his presidency, and on the nation. 

McCabe admitted that, in these meetings, concrete measures were discussed as to how to remove Trump.  One of these was to have Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wear a wire in meetings with Trump, presumably to gather evidence which could be used to remove him.  The other was to determine if it were possible to recruit a majority of the cabinet to agree to Trump's removal, as required by the 25th Amendment in order to remove a President.  McCabe said Rosenstein was "counting votes" to see if a majority to do so existed.  FBI lead attorney James Baker told a House Committee in October 2018 that Rosenstein had "already discussed this with two members of the cabinet who were 'on board'".  Rosenstein has denied this.  It was during this precise interval that Rosenstein took advantage of the recusal from the case by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to name former FBI Director and legal hitman, Robert Mueller, as special counsel, to investigate the charges of "Russian meddling" in the election, and "Trump collusion" with Russia.

Among those citing McCabe's admissions as evidence that this process is "an attempt at a coup d'état" is prominent constitutional authority Alan Dershowitz, who added that any DOJ official who mentioned the 25th Amendment in relation to Trump "has committed a grievous offense against the Constitution."  Dershowitz explained that the 25th Amendment was drafted to address a case in which the President is physically or mentally incapacitated to serve, which does not apply in this case.

McCabe is among the original gang of Obama DOJ and FBI officials involved in regime change operations against Trump.  He was part of the team set up by Comey, in collaboration with CIA Director Brennan and Director of National Intelligence Clapper, in July 2016just after Trump won the Republican nomination and well before the November electionto discredit Trump.  His team used the fake and discredited "dodgy dossier" compiled by top "former" British MI6 operative Christopher Steele in its filing to the secret FISA Court to obtain warrants to surveil members of the Trump campaign.  In their filing, they never mentioned that the dossier was paid for by the Clinton campaign.  In his "60 Minutes" interview, he never mentioned that this team was constituted nearly a year before the May 2017 planning sessions, meaning that the "Get Trump" operation was initiated, not after the firing of Comey, but during the election campaign. 

Two other members of that team, the now-notorious and discredited duo of FBI counterintelligence "expert" Peter Strzok and his mistress, Lisa Page, left a trail of text messages which expose the actual intent of Comey's team.  In March 2016, Page sent a text referring to Trump as "an utter idiot," a "loathsome human being".  Later, in August 2016, Strzok texted, "I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy's officethat there's no way he gets electedbut I'm afraid we can't take that risk."  The reference to "Andy's office" in the text confirms that McCabe was directly involved in their operation.  Strzok later referred to the investigation as an "insurance policy", in which, in the event of a Trump victory, they could remove him by charging his election was tainted by Russian meddling.

McCabe was fired from the FBI on March 17, 2018, on the recommendation of the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility, following a report from the DOJ's Inspector General, which cited him for lying and leaking.  McCabe claims he was fired as "part of this administration's ongoing war on the FBI and the efforts of the Special Counsel investigation."  As in the case of others, including Michael Cohen, in which Mueller is using witnesses convicted of, or accused of lying, the liars are treated as reliable witnesses, as long as they are lying about Trump.


While McCabe's shocking revelations were still rattling around in Washington, D.C., and Trump was meeting with Kim Jong-un, the next phase of the Get Trump circus was launched, with Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, who describes himself as Trump's "fixer", providing a show in an open hearing before a House committee.  Cohen, who has confessed to lying to Congress and a variety of financial crimesall unrelated to Russiagatespewed forth a series of charges against Trump, maintaining a straight face while saying he now knows what he did as his attorney was wrong.  Cohen was questioned by Democrats about the Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal payoffs, to cover up alleged affairs of Trump; about a claim that he overheard a call between the President and his former campaign manager and confidante Roger Stone, about the WikiLeaks dump of documents related to Clinton campaign dirty tricks; that Trump is a racist, and a con man; that Trump inflated his finances to Deutsche Bank and for the Forbes millionaires' list; that Trump lied about his taxes and many other things, along with multiple insinuations that Cohen was assisting prosecutors in the Southern District of New York in ongoing investigations of the President. 

Cohen admitted that he had no evidence to back up his charges.  For example, he offered no corroboration for the alleged Stone/Trump conversation involving WikiLeaks, which is obviously false.  The conversation, portrayed by Cohen as conveying "secret information" from Stone to Trump in July in 2016, was actually information which had already been made public by Julian Assange in June.  Even Mueller didn't accept Cohen's insinuation since he did not charge Stone with it.  Cohen also was forced to admit that Trump never told him to lie in testimony, instead stating that Trump somehow telegraphed what he wanted without ever saying it.  The absurd premise underlying the entirety of Cohen's testimony was that Donald Trump somehow runs a cult which first sucked in his previous staff in the Trump organization and now has sucked in his Administration and an entire nation. 

At the end of the hearing Congressman Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, summarized the lies told by Cohen in Wednesday's hearing.  For example, he claimed he never committed bank fraud when he was convicted of that crime.  While claiming to be a good lawyer, he said he never considered whether the alleged payoffs to women were legal or the right thing to do.  He admitted to recording his own clients and in fact, eagerly offered the tapes if the Committee asked for them, regardless of attorney-client privilege.  He gave two completely contradictory accounts of the $130,000 Stormy Daniels payment.   Finally, he claimed he was not exercising revenge against Trump for not giving him a job in the Administration when, in fact, the prosecutors in the Southern District of New York confirmed that was exactly the case. 

Cohen's testimony provoked a new wave of media attacks on Trump.  For example, the anti-Trump Washington Post, while admitting that Cohen is "far from the most credible of witnesses," nevertheless claimed in an editorial that "Trump is a liar with a defective characterand possibly, a criminal."  The Democrats continued to pile on, with numerous Congressional committees set to take up charges against Trump, while Mueller is keeping everyone in suspense as to when his final report will be released.

Cohen said he had no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, but that he has his "suspicions."  Should the "suspicions" of a crooked lawyer be acceptable grounds for a feeding frenzy?  For that matter, what has Mueller produced on this topic, other than "suspicions"?  Trump, in response to Cohen, tweeted that at least he didn't lie about one thing: "He said no collusion with the Russian hoax."

The backdrop to this disgusting spectacle is the ongoing attempt by Trump shift the strategic situation away from the dangerous geopolitical provocations left by his predecessors.  In addition to his efforts for a full peace agreement with North Korea, which will continue despite the failure to get an agreement in Hanoi, he is engaged in a far-reaching trade negotiation with China, and to fulfill his campaign pledge to end the long-standing wars in the Middle East, among other initiatives.  In each of these efforts, he would prefer to coordinate his strategy with the Chinese and the Russians, an option which has been under attack by neocons in both parties, in his administration, and the so-called mainstream media.  In fact, the origin of Russiagate, as this news service has reported from the time of the 2016 campaign, has been to prevent Trump from succeeding in this.  

With so much at stake, the despicable nature of the McCabe revelations and Cohen's posturing before the Congress provide the ammunition needed to put an end to Russiagate, and offer an opportunity for true patriots of all nations to get behind the President, while there is still time to head off a dangerous escalation toward war.


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    harley is so very correct and at the same time the real evil and colusion people are the democrats and hillary that funded the dossier that mi6’s christopher steele rounded up from russians. now there is some meat on the bone. time to prosecute real traitors to america and seditionist anti americans