In hearings held in state legislatures in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona to investigate charges of election fraud orchestrated on behalf of the candidacy of Joe Biden, volumes of evidence are being presented which demonstrate an unprecedented level of irregularities and statistical improbabilities in the vote count following the November 3 election.  Hundreds of poll watchers have sworn legal-binding affidavits that they viewed batches of mail-in ballots being brought in for counting, long after the official delivery time had expired; that they were denied access to observing the count, which is a violation of law; and that signature verification, and confirmation of residency requirements, mandated by law, were not enforced.  Many of these irregularities occurred after the vote counting was shut down for several hours in a number of the "battleground states", at a point when President Trump had a large lead.  When the counting began again, after a two-to-four hour delay, large batches of votes suddenly appeared, reversing Trump's lead, as in some cases nearly 100% of the newly-counted ballots were attributed to Biden.  According to experts consulted by Trump's legal team, it is a statistical impossibility that less than 1% of these votes could have been cast for Trump.

In Pennsylvania, legislators pointed out that the Democratic Secretary of the Commonwealth illegally acted to change the rules regarding the deadline for mail-in ballots. By law, only the legislature can make such changes. The Secretary, Kathy Boockvar, is a highly-partisan opponent of President Trump.

Other tech consultants provided expert testimony on how the voting machines, and the software for counting votes, are "fraud prone", with a "back-door" through which what attorney Sidney Powell called "electronic ballot stuffing" can be done, and that instead of being a "closed system", they could be hacked through the internet. Attorneys for the President also provided evidence showing that the three major companies involved in the voteDominion Voting Systems, ES&S, and Hart InterCivic, as well as Smartmatic software systems employed to count the voteare controlled by hedge funds with multiple connections to the world's financial oligarchy, which is vehemently opposed to the re-election of Trump. For example, on the board of Smartmatic is Lord Malloch-Brown, a member of the British Queen's Privy Council, a long-time collaborator (and probably boss of) notorious regime change funder George Soros. Malloch-Brown bragged to the {Manila Times} that his career as a coup facilitator began with his 1986 intervention in the Philippines, when he orchestrated the Color Revolution which brought Cory Aquino to power. There is a legitimate question as to how a secretive company such as Smartmatic, which has been banned from participation in elections in Switzerland, the U.K., Sweden, Norway, Austria and the Philippines because it is "fraud prone", with a leading board member with an expertise in using election fraud to run coups, could be hired to run elections in U.S. states!

Taken as a whole, the evidence makes clear that, before states certify the vote for Biden, further forensic testing and evidence-gathering is called for, as the U.S. Constitution specifies that it is the mandate of state legislatures to determine which candidate's slate of Electors, whose vote chooses the President, should be certified as the winner. In several of the battleground states, state Representatives and Senators have presided over hearings to determine if fraud provided the margins for a Biden victory, as the difference between the totals attributed to Biden and Trump is less than 1%. A reversal in Trump's favor in three of the contested battleground stateswhich include Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada and Arizonawould mean that he won re-election to a second four-year term.

Yet, in spite of all the evidence compiled, the anti-Trump "mainstream media" continues to refer to charges of fraud as "baseless", of "lacking evidence", and of being a product of "conspiracy theories" on behalf of a candidate, Donald Trump, who refuses to concede because he is a "sore loser."


A panel of jurists from the U.S., Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Argentina, participated in an online hearing sponsored by the Schiller Institute (SI) on November 28, where evidence was presented of the massive vote fraud committed in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Testimony before the SI International Investigative Commission on Truth in Elections was provided by prominent NSA whistleblower and technical expert William Binney, LaRouche associate Harley Schlanger, the former head of the Army Criminal Law Division Col. Richard Black (ret.), Tennessee Election Commissioner Bennie Smith, Pennsylvania Senator Mario Scavello, and Pennsylvania poll-watcher Leah Hoopes. The volume of evidence presented at the hearing made a mockery of the media's claims that there is "no evidence", and led to a call for a mobilization of citizens to back further investigation and legal actions. In his presentation, Schlanger stated that such oft-repeated statements are part of the fraud, designed to convince citizens that they must submit to the assertions of the media, which anointed Biden the President-Elect before any of the challenges had been filed. Binney confirmed that electronic election rigging was not only possible but likely, given the statistical improbabilities of such large swings of votes from Trump to Biden.

The panel was provided with the following exhibits which detailed charges of fraud: the lawsuits filed by attorney Sidney Powell in Michigan and Georgia; affidavits from Michigan detailing eyewitness accounts of irregularities during the counting of mail-in ballots; and a dossier on Lord Malloch-Brown, a top official in the vote-counting software firm Smartmatic. Evidence was presented of the "electronic ballot stuffing" done through the deployment of algorithms in the counting which dramatically shifted votes from Trump to Biden. In a message to the hearing, legendary political operative and long-time personal friend of Trump, Roger Stone, said the proof of this could be found in "the files of the CIA, NSA and FBI", if it were allowed to be pursued.

In his presentation, Schlanger provided the background to the fraud. The opponents of Trump were engaged in a "four-year criminal conspiracy" against him, beginning with Russiagate. They possessed the opportunity to do this, he stated, after shutting down a presidential commission initiated by Trump in 2017 to safeguard elections, by making sure that only eligible voters voted. They charged that this commission was a gimmick by Trump, to engage in "voter suppression and intimidation." They also possessed the motivation, as they represent the old order, dominated by City of London and Wall Street interests, which has treated Trump's presidency as an existential threat from the beginning. And they possessed the capability, through Democratic Party control of the election apparatus in the urban areas of the swing states, and through use of the "fraud prone" systems, as identified by Binney.

Additional light was shed on how fraud takes place by an election commissioner from Tennessee, Benny Smith, and in presentations of State Senator Scavello and pollwatcher Hoopes, who participated in the hearings in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 25. Hoopes provided emotional testimony of how she, as a "concerned citizen" worried about the fairness of the vote, formed a watch-dog group and became a poll watcher. She described how poll watchers had been systematically denied an opportunity to observe the count, even after a court order was issued mandating that they be allowed to be present during the counting. After the order, some were allowed in, but kept at a distance that made it impossible to watch the counting, much of which went on in a back room inaccessible to poll watchers. Republican State Senator Scavello, reported that the Governor, a Democrat, intervened to replace the equipment which had been previously used, with Dominion voting machines, which have been implicated by attorney Sidney Powell in the cyber-theft of votes from Trump in all of the battleground states. He asked, "How does a governor decertify every voting machine in the state, and force these machines [Dominion] on every county?" Scavello said he would be joining with other Republicans in filing a motion to decertify the Biden electors on the basis of the widespread fraud they have discovered.

On November 30, a motion was introduced in by Scavello and his allies in the Pennsylvania legislature. It opens, "Officials in the Executive and Judicial Branches of the Commonwealth infringed upon the General Assembly's authority under the Constitution of the United States by unlawfully changing the rules governing the November 3, 2020 election...." The resolution calls on the Secretary of the Commonwealth to withdraw the "premature certification" of the presidential election, and delay certifying other races, declare the 2020 election to "be in dispute", and urges the "U.S. Congress "to declare the selection of presidential electors in this Commonwealth to be in dispute."

Col. Richard Black's presentation detailed the extreme lengths to which Trump's opponents were prepared to go, by outlining the extensive discussion by ex-military officials, such as former Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis and former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell, on the need to carry out a military coup against him if he didn't leave office. Black's report on this threat at a Schiller Institute conference on September 6 may have provoked a subsequent statement by Gen. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that the military will play no role in the election.

The challenge to the viewers was summarized by moderator Jason Ross, who concluded the event by saying, “So the opportunity to have faith in our electoral process, to understand that an outcome of an election is something that we can trust and accept, even if it doesn’t go the way we want, well, that demands transparency. And we’ve heard so many ways that that transparency simply has not existed, it was made impossible, and the potentials for fraud engendered by that. So...I encourage everybody: Read the filings, if you think, ‘where’s the evidence?’ There’s plenty of it. You can go ahead and read those Georgia and Michigan filings...the evidence that’s been submitted with them, you can have a look at it, yourself. We’ve linked it all on the Schiller Institute website (see both the full Hearing and the links here.

“I encourage you, personally, to investigate this, look through the evidence, and take appropriate actions based on what you come to discover. And that’s certainly what we’ll be doing.”

In commenting on the importance of the hearing, Schiller Institute founder and chairman, Helga Zepp LaRouche said, “I think there must be absolute concern that this battle is decided in favor of Trump…. I think people have a very hard time right now seeing through what is fake news, what is propaganda, what is psychological warfare operations against the population. I think the only way you can keep your sanity, is you have to focus on the solutions: There are solutions…. If you focus on the solutions, you don’t need to have an endless debate about who did what to whom.

“At this point, I think a lot of what is being said and written and what is in the social media and all kinds of videos, is designed to confuse the population, to make them feel impotent, and passive.

Zepp LaRouche identified three proposals which President Trump could take, "from above" the ongoing investigative and legal battles, which could shift the situation. First, he could demand the immediate publication of all declassified documents which demonstrate the corruption of leading officials and the lies they told in their four-year coup attempt against him, as well as documents related to the imposition of the surveillance state after the attacks of 9/11. Second, he should follow through with his threat to appoint a special prosecutor, with the power to make referrals for criminal indictments for those engaged in vote fraud. Third, he should immediately issue pardons for Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, and guarantee their safe passage, and arrange for public testimony of what they know about the imposition of the surveillance state, the capabilities of "Big Tech" to engage in manipulation of the public through censorship and lying, as well as their involvement in covering up war crimes, and their ability to run vote fraud.

Such transparency would have a profound effect in enabling the citizens of the U.S. to understand how they have been manipulated, and in encouraging them to become involved in the decision-making process which will shape the future.


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  • Michael Couch
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    The suggestions made by Zepp Larrouche seem absolutely logical and necessary from the point of view of an ordinary citizen as myself, so… WHAT or WHO is blocking such a strategy?
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    excellent . ty
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