Banquo’s Ghost at MacBiden’s Banquet: Time To Put an End to British Regime Change

The following are remarks from Harley Schlanger during the Schiller Institute's Manhattan Project event, November 14, 2020.

My presentation today is titled "Banquo's Ghost at MacBiden’s Banquet: Time to Put an End to British Regime Change.” I want to start with a quote from Lyndon LaRouche, from an article he wrote in 2007, “Current History as Tragedy: Russia and Iran on Strategy.” In that article, he attacked what he called “simplistic parodies of so-called ‘strategic thinking,’” referring to the policies of the Bush Administration at the time, but also the Democratic Party's opposition to that, which was no opposition at all. He wrote, in terms of how to engage in competent intelligence work, that, “a prudent commander must always understand who the real enemy is. The real enemy is often the clever one, the one often disguised as an ally.” [Emphasis in original]

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Battle Over Election Fraud, Defense Policy Escalates

With deadlines approaching for the certification by states of the results of the November 3 presidential election, lawyers representing Donald Trump are preparing a case to show that the entire election was determined by the use of computerized systems which have been rejected by many nations—including Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, the U.K., and the state of Texas—as "fraud prone."  Attorney Sidney Powell identified the targets of the investigation as computer and software companies, such as Dominion Voting Systems, Smartmatic and Scytl, which are responsible for compiling the votes, companies with connections to anti-Trump intelligence community operatives, and to Joe Biden.  

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The Strategic Significance of the Fight Against Vote Fraud

There is ample evidence emerging, in the investigation of the numerous "irregularities" in vote counting in the November 3 U.S. Presidential election, that there was major vote fraud committed on behalf of the candidacy of Joe Biden.  The likelihood is that a full, honest investigation of these irregularities will determine that President Trump won re-election.  His relentless campaigning, with three-to-five rallies per day before large and enthusiastic crowds—in some cases in the tens of thousands of people—sparked a powerful dose of optimism, which brought out a record turnout of voters.

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"If You Defend The Republic, You Will Keep It"

President Donald J. Trump talks to members of the press along the South Lawn driveway of the White House Friday, Oct. 30, 2020, prior to boarding Marine One en route to Joint Base Andrews, Md. to begin his trip to Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)

Join the Mobilization To Defend the Anti-Imperial Tradition of the American Republic

Nov. 9—As the battle intensifies to reverse the coup against President Donald Trump, with the contesting of the vote fraud conducted on behalf of the candidacy of Joe Biden, LaRouchePAC sponsored an online forum on Nov. 7, which detailed specific areas of fraud which must be investigated, and its perpetrators prosecuted, as well as outlining the broader context in which this coup has been run. The forum can be viewed here. As Biden proclaimed his victory, based on a determination made by the Associated Press, President Trump made it clear that he will not accept this decision, which defrauds the American people of their most sacred right, the right to an honest election.

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Campaign Wrap-Up: While Trump is Everywhere, Biden Campaign Hides Out, Uses Censorship & Vote Fraud

As the 2020 presidential election comes to an end—though it may stretch beyond November 3, depending on how the votes are counted—the Biden campaign has adopted a strategy which depends on hiding its candidate, who rarely ventures out of his basement to meet voters or reporters; on counting on the media to censor any negative stories about their candidate, while blaming such stories on "Russian disinformation"; and preparing to make a legal case that if they lose, it is due to vote fraud, while launching civil unrest modeled on the regime change coup in Ukraine in February 2014, and what is unfolding today in Belarus.  

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Is the U.S. Headed for a Civil War?

Speaking at a press availability on October 20 sponsored by LaRouchePAC, the political action committee founded by Lyndon LaRouche, former National Security Agency (NSA) analyst and whistle blower J. Kirk Wiebe opened his presentation with a statement that would be quite shocking to one who is limited to reports on the U.S. election from the dishonest mainstream press:  "We are already in a civil war—it started because civil wars don't start with gunshots, they start with disagreements about essential things.  Things like, what do we want to be as a country, a Constitutional republic, and if we can keep it?  Do we cherish freedom of speech?   We have seen the most blatant censorship in the last days and it is going to get worse."  

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Constitutional Crisis Looms in U.S. As Election Nears

The bitter partisan divide over the nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court of Judge Amy Coney Barrett by President Trump extends far beyond the usual debates over "conservative" versus "liberal" interpretations of the Constitution in deciding legal battles over legislation and executive orders.  It is increasingly likely that the Supreme Court may be called on to rule on matters pertaining to the outcome of the election, as it did in settling the issue of vote-counting in Florida in 2000, which gave the election to George W. Bush.  With expectations that many Americans will use mail-in voting to cast their ballots, due to fear of being infected by COVID19 in long lines at voting stations, it may take weeks to get a final vote count.  Supporters of both Trump and his opponent, Joe Biden, are mobilizing legal teams to challenge the counting, with the Democrats especially approaching it as though it were combat, claiming they have 600 lawyers on call.  Those advocating confirmation of Judge Barrett to the Supreme Court are counting on her to tilt the court to a 6-3 majority of "conservatives", which presumably would favor Trump in a constitutional challenge to the final vote, if the election ended up being decided by the Court.

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In January 2017, just days before his inauguration as President, Donald Trump shocked many officials in the Trans-Atlantic "Establishment" when he called NATO "obsolete."  The problem, he said, is that "it was designed many, many years ago", and has not adapted to the new realities which he intended to address during his presidency.  Chief among these is that NATO has been ineffective in dealing with the problem of terrorism, and that an adversarial posture toward Russia and President Putin is undermining the effort to defeat the terrorists, and keeps the west trapped in what he called "endless wars."  He asked then, and many times since, "What's wrong with being friends with Russia?  Why not work together where we have common interests?"

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