As saner voices around the world are calling for solidarity and cooperation among nations in dealing with the parallel and interrelated crises of the Coronavirus pandemic and the collapse of the debt-ridden, speculation-driven financial system, an unhinged gaggle of war hawks is waging an aggressive propaganda campaign to demonize China, calling for coordinated action against it.  "We are at war with China", they shout, and "they are winning."  They claim, with no evidence to back them, that China not only covered up the outbreak of the Coronavirus there, but may have created it in a bio-weapons lab in Wuhan, and may have even deliberately exported it to the rest of the world!  Further, they assert that China is engaged in a massive military buildup to extend its global power, while using the economic muscle of the Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI) to cunningly manipulate desperate nations, with promises of economic aid.

Not surprisingly, among those making these charges are the same individuals and institutions who were behind the fraudulent Russiagate campaign against President Trump, and ran a regime change coup against him, to prevent him from forging collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships with Presidents Putin of Russia and Xi of China.  Make no mistake—just as Russiagate was not about non-existent Russian meddling on Trump's behalf in the U.S. election in 2016, the war drive today is not about China's allegedly malicious intent to spread a pandemic disease.  The purpose of both these efforts is to defend a collapsing neoliberal world order, to keep global power in the hands of a failed and increasingly desperate establishment.   

Also not surprising, at the center of this gang of geopolitical war hawks one finds City of London financial and intelligence operatives, tied to British imperial interests, and their accomplices in the United States.  Their desperation comes not only from the collapse of their bankrupt system, but in reaction to the emergence of a New Paradigm, associated with the win-win diplomacy of China's BRI, which has been gaining support from more than 120 nations, which are seeking to benefit from its commitment to building a world land-bridge by advancing a new platform of infrastructure.  As Russiagate was designed to sabotage efforts by President Trump to work closely with President Putin, so the anti-China effort aims at driving a wedge between Trump and President Xi, who Trump has described as a "close friend", and with whom he says he has an excellent relationship.  The successful conclusion of a Phase One trade agreement between the U.S. and China was taken as evidence by the anti-Trump mob that this relationship must be destroyed.  


Though the anti-China rhetoric never stopped, it has escalated as western European nations and the U.S. have struggled to deal with the pandemic, and the financial collapse which preceded the spread of disease.  A sign of things to come, as this drumbeat intensified, was a paper released by the rabidly anti-Russian Atlantic Council on April 3, which accuses China of taking advantage "of the international disorder the pandemic has caused."  On April 16, The Economist magazine, a long-time coordinator of the City's imperial propaganda, ran a cover story titled "Is China Winning? The Geopolitical Consequences of Covid-19".  Two days later, the Daily Mail began a three-part series on the theme of China's alleged offensive to overtake the west as the dominant global power.  Similar to the Economist's line, the series asks if China is now "in prime position to exploit the West's economic implosion in the wake of Covid-19".

The Atlantic Council joined with the rabid war mongers of the Henry Jackson Society (HJS) for an online forum on April 20, "The Atlantic Alliance During a New Age of Great Power Competition."  Speakers called for Europe and the U.S. to use "collective diplomacy" to build a "Trans-Atlantic consortium", to win the war against China!  They proclaimed that China is winning, cleverly using the BRI to build infrastructure, their Health Silk Road to fight the pandemic, and superior technology with Huawei, to infiltrate Western nations, spy on everyone, and impose their authoritarian form of government to destroy the western liberal system.  That Trump is a target for this network is evident from a paper released by the Atlantic Council, "The post-COVID World: scenario 3," which opens by imagining an international agreement to return to the pre-Coronavirus global system, after "Trump was swept out of office."

While few people are familiar with the HJS, its founders and patrons are a "Who's Who" of those behind the "endless wars" of the 21st century.  Its name comes from one of the patron saints of the neoconservative movement, Senator Henry Jackson, a Democratic Party war hawk who ran, unsuccessfully, for President in 1976.  Jackson's opposition to any retreat from the Cold War was consolidated in the re-formation of the Committee on the Present Danger (CPD), staffed by such future prominent war hawks as Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz.  The CPD provided the initiators of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), a neocon organization formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union, to promote unilateral leadership by the United States.  PNAC provided the core cadre around Vice President Dick Cheney, a group which bears responsibility for the post-911 wars, through its promotion of fake intelligence, typified by the lie that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, aimed at the West.  This particular lie originated in a document circulated by MI6, under the direction of its chief, Sir Richard Dearlove.

PNAC closed its door in 2006, but not before its leading cadre became patrons of the HJS, which was founded in March 2005.  Its goal was to promote "robust interventionism", a code for sponsorship of regime change wars, and destruction of any nation which rejected the unilateralist world order demanded by the Anglo-American empire.  Among those who signed on as patrons of the HJS were Robert Kagan, whose wife, Victoria Nuland, oversaw the coup in Ukraine in February 2014, working with regime change sponsors such as George Soros, and using muscle provided by neo-Nazi militia; William Kristol, one of the Founders of the "Never Trump" Republican Bush-leaguers from the 2016 campaign; Richard Perle; and James Woolsey, former Director of the CIA.  Sir Richard Dearlove was a founding signator of the HJS, and continues to engage in its anti-China ravings.  Dearlove, of course, is also known as one of the promoters of "former" MI6 operative Christopher Steele, whose fake anti-Trump dossier was used by operatives of the Obama intelligence team, including Brennan, Clapper and the FBI's Comey, to target the Trump campaign in the summer of 2016 as a front for Putin!  


While the lying reporters of the "mainstream" U.S. media crawl all over each other seeking to trap Trump into joining the anti-China crusade at his daily Corona press conference, a chorus of the usual suspects in both parties are pushing the British line.  Though Trump has at times provided some meat for the media hounds, he continues to say that there must be an investigation before one blames China, while reasserting his friendship with Xi.  Yet Republicans in the Senate are going full speed ahead with war propaganda toward China.  Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Rubio of Florida have proclaimed China guilty, as has former presidential candidate and now-Senator from Utah Mitt Romney, who continues to be a "Never Trumper".  In an April 23 op ed in the anti-Trump Washington Post, Romney wrote that "America is awakening to China.  This is a clarion call to seize the moment."  Ranting that "our very health is in China's hands; from medicines to masks, we are at Beijing's mercy," he claims that China's "alarming military buildup" means it will soon give it "military superiority" in the Pacific.  But he indicates the real concern of his globalist paymasters, when he says that China's "weapon of choice is economic," accusing them of "predatory trade practices."

Romney's focus on trade is backed by many leading Democrats, such as Senator minority leader Schumer, who says that Trump "sold out" to China in the Phase One trade deal; and Connecticut Senator Murphy, who described the deal as a "capitulation."

But the most ridiculous attack on Trump and China comes from his likely Democratic opponent Joe Biden, who has produced a campaign ad, accusing him of having "rolled over for the Chinese, he took their word for it [on Coronavirus].  Trump praised China 15 times in January and February...Trump didn't hold China accountable...Trump left this country unprepared and unprotected," because he failed to "heed the warnings of intelligence agencies about Coronavirus....He put his trust in China's leaders instead."

This last bit of insanity can be expected to be a leading element of the Democrat's campaign to defeat Trump.  It deliberately harkens back to Russiagate, which they refuse to give up, despite its being thoroughly discredited.  In an April 22 interview with MSNBC, Nancy Pelosi again circled back to Russiagate, doubling down on Biden's claim that Trump trusts Xi more than U.S. intelligence operatives.  Pelosi asked the interviewer, "What does Vladimir Putin have on President Trump personally, politically, financially, in any way, that he would choose...what Putin said over the intelligence community?"  

Given the exposure of the lies churned out by the intelligence community against Trump over Russia, and the replacement of the "Russia, Russia, Russia" narrative with "China, China, China", it should be obvious why the President does not trust the British-linked establishment forces which dominate U.S. intelligence. 


In an April 16 international press release, the Schiller Institute's founder, Helga Zepp LaRouche—a noted expert on China—made the following observation about the anti-China campaign, which she decried as dangerous and foolish.

Mrs. LaRouche said, "I think this anti-China campaign comes from a deep-seated geopolitical view that the rise of China necessarily means the downfall of the United States and the West in general. And I think that that view is a wrong view. China has at no point threatened to replace the United States as the hegemonic power. They have offered cooperation on the basis of a win-win cooperation. They have offered the United States a special great power relationship." (see full statement in last week's Neue Solidarität).

To counter this hysteria, and build a cooperative movement toward peace and economic development, she has called repeatedly for an emergency summit of the four sovereign nations her husband, Lyndon LaRouche, identified as key to achieving a decisive break from the British doctrines of geopolitics and neoliberal economics, which have brought us to this moment of systemic collapse.  If such a summit of the leaders of the U.S., Russia, China and India were to take place, it is likely that they would reach agreements which would replace confrontation, and the global casino economy which fosters a beggar-thy-neighbor "survival of the fittest" competition—which British strategists believe is the natural condition of man—with a New Paradigm based on cooperative pursuit of the Common Aims of Mankind.  Given that the alternative to such an agreement is more poverty, misery and war, it is likely that virtually every government would back such an agreement.

And that is why the British neoliberal establishment, and their corrupt American co-thinkers, are committed to a confrontation with China to stop this from occurring, even if it means an all-out war.


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