Campaign Wrap-Up: While Trump is Everywhere, Biden Campaign Hides Out, Uses Censorship & Vote Fraud

As the 2020 presidential election comes to an end—though it may stretch beyond November 3, depending on how the votes are counted—the Biden campaign has adopted a strategy which depends on hiding its candidate, who rarely ventures out of his basement to meet voters or reporters; on counting on the media to censor any negative stories about their candidate, while blaming such stories on "Russian disinformation"; and preparing to make a legal case that if they lose, it is due to vote fraud, while launching civil unrest modeled on the regime change coup in Ukraine in February 2014, and what is unfolding today in Belarus.  

And while Biden is ensconced in his basement, where his "gaffes" and mental lapses can be minimized, President Trump in engaged in a whirlwind of activity, doing between three and five rallies per day, in front of large crowds of highly energized, boisterous supporters.  If one were to make a prediction of the outcome based on the campaigning underway, it would appear that Trump is headed for a landslide.

However, going into the election day on Tuesday, polls show Biden holding onto a lead, though it is slipping slightly.  Many analysts believe the polls may be wrong again, as in 2016, since there is little real positive energy behind Biden, who is counting on "Trump fatigue" to bring out the voters.  The Biden team is counting on large turnouts among minorities, but have admitted that the numbers of black and Hispanic voters casting their ballots early has not reached the levels they hoped for, and many acknowledge privately that they are fearful that there will be a repeat of 2016.  One Biden supporter, the Lt. Gov. of Pennsylvania, commented that as much as he wants to believe his candidate will win, he must admit that the large numbers who are attending Trump's rallies in his state is unprecedented, and has made him extremely nervous about which way his state will  go.  Many believe that the outcome of the election will be decided by the outcome in Pennsylvania and Florida, both states that pollsters said were leaning toward Biden, but with Trump's numbers improving in the last week.    


Biden's backers also are holding their breath that an array of scandals which has emerged around the candidate and his son, Hunter, will not negatively impact the vote for him.  Evidence which has been found on Hunter's discarded laptop, in the form of emails, confirm that Biden was not only aware of his son's involvement with a Ukrainian energy  firm, Burisma, which he has denied, but was receiving money from them, through his son.  Biden defenders, including top Obama intelligence officials, such as John Brennan and James Clapper, who were at the center of the fabricated Russiagate case against President Trump, claim the emails are a "classic case of Russian disinformation", even as they admit there is no evidence to prove this claim.  

The announcement of the existence of these emails is especially damaging, as Trump and his supporters point to Biden's admission that he threatened to withhold a $1 billion loan from Ukraine unless the government fired the state prosecutor who was investigating Burisma.  When the prosecutor was fired, the money was released, and the investigation ended.  There is a special irony here, as the anti-Trump forces pushed through an impeachment vote against Trump claiming that he had threatened to withhold funds, unless the Ukrainian government turned over "dirt" on Biden.  Yet Trump released the funds, and there was never proof that he had made such a threat.  As a result, the impeachment trial in the Senate resulted in Trump's acquittal.  Thus, Biden seems to be guilty of the charges brought against Trump.  There are several investigations of Biden's corruption underway, one in a Senate Committee, while rumors indicate there may be an ongoing FBI investigation into what Trump calls the "Biden organized crime family."  

Even more significant is the use of censorship to suppress this story.  Not only did Twitter shut down the account of the New York Post, which ran the original story, but Facebook and YouTube have been aggressively shutting down websites which post this and other anti-Biden stories.  A more extreme case of censorship led to the resignation this week of noted investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald, who resigned from The Intercept, when its editors refused to run his story on the Biden laptop case.  Greenwald was one of the founders of that website, and he has posted numerous stories debunking Russiagate.  He believes that his criticism of Biden, and the censorship used to protect him, led to his own site censoring him!  Greenwald became prominent from his reporting on the case of Edward Snowden, who gave him exclusive access to his bombshell exposure of the extent of spying on Americans as part of the post-9/11 "surveillance state".  

 Former National Security Agency (NSA) technical expert and whistle blower J. Kirk Wiebe, who specialized in Russian counterintelligence while employed at the NSA , spoke at a LaRouchePAC press event on October 28, saying this latest round of censorship reminds him of what was done in the Soviet Union!  Wiebe, who along with his colleague Bill Binney, has been at the forefront in exposing the surveillance state, warned that the level of spying and censorship now employed in the U.S. is a threat to the continued existence of the nation as a constitutional republic.  He and Binney have presented forensic evidence which proves there was never any "Russian meddling" in the 2016 campaign.

While the lies, coverup and censorship of the story of Joe and Hunter's Ukraine gambit have limited the damage that widespread coverage of the corruption would ordinarily elicit, for some reason the Trump campaign team has not struck at the deeper corruption of the Biden-Ukraine connection.  Biden served as the point man for the Obama administration in running the violent February 2014 Maidan Square regime change coup in Ukraine, which brought into power a coalition of degenerate oligarchs, and neo-Nazi militia forces, which promptly launched provocations against the ethnic Russian majority living in eastern Ukraine.  This led to a significant worsening of relations between the west and Russia, which degenerated even further due to the non-stop lies against Putin and Trump in the Russiagate narrative, undermining Trump's commitment to move ahead with a policy of cooperation with Putin. 


As for the fraud and plans for post-election chaos if Biden loses, famed political strategist Roger Stone wrote an article for the Gateway Pundit (which is posted on the LaRouchePAC website) titled "How the Democrats Plan to Steal the 2020 Election."  Among the points he makes, Stone identifies a Democratic Party operative, Norm Eisen, as the key figure in their plans.  Eisen has written a manual called "Playbook", which outlines how to foment insurrections to back claims of voter fraud, with tactics used to turn protests into regime change "color revolutions."  Eisen is working with a team of Democratic lawyers to employ what Stone calls "the usual Democrat lawfare tricks to try to steal or overturn" the election, while mobilizing "street thugs as his Plan B", using the charges of fraud "to engineer mass protests intended to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election result."  Antifa hooligans have joined with Black Lives Matter and other insurrectionist groups to threaten to shut down Washington, D.C. and other cities with violent protests if Biden is not elected, with plans to begin by surrounding the White House the day after the election.

Eisen was a leading figure in anti-Trump operations, working on the Democratic team of Rep. Jerrold Nadler, which pushed through the impeachment of Trump on false charges of attempting to blackmail the government of Ukraine.  He authored ten articles of impeachment against Trump before Trump's call to the Ukrainian President, which became the basis of the impeachment case against him.


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