Coup Plotters Desperate As Midterm Elections Approach

Diplomatic initiatives launched by Donald Trump, including summits scheduled with Russia's Putin and China's Xi Jinping after the midterm election, demonstrate that he is committed to pursue improved relations, as per his campaign promises in 2016, regardless of the disruptive intent of those engaging in a regime change coup against him, and whatever the outcome of the midterm elections. He will meet with Putin on November 11 in Paris, during the centenary commemoration of the end of World War I, and with Xi in Buenos Aires, during the G20 summit. Both meetings will occur as tensions between the U.S. and Trump's would-be partners have deteriorated, in large part due to the continued attacks against him, and against Russia and China, by his British geopolitical enemies. In both cases, sources have said Trump wants the meetings in order to overcome the tensions, and to re-initiate the promising diplomatic start he had with both leaders.

It is impossible to know, at present, what will happen in the voting on November 6. The real underlying issue, ignored by the media except for that associated with the LaRouche movement, is the emergence of a New Paradigm in international strategic relations, for which Trump has shown a degree of support, in his attacks on his predecessors' regime change policies, his defense of national sovereignty, and sharp opposition to the so-called free trade agreements, which benefit big finance and corporations, at the expense of the real economy. Unfortunately, given the control of the media exerted by those forces and their neo-con, neo-liberal servants in both major U.S. parties, few Americans are aware of the dramatic potential to put an end to the era of imperial geopolitics, and the wars and chaos it has fostered. Yet, in spite of the brainwashing by the mainstream media, a growing number of Americans have rejected these policies, as the election of Trump in 2016 demonstrated.

With the elections next week, Trump's relentless campaigning, and the organizing of key networks of Trump supporters by activists of the LaRouche movement, have brought this issue to the fore. Polls reflect an ongoing shift of voter sentiment, away from the impeachment push which Democrats and Bush Republican networks support, though it is hard to know how strong the residual impact of two years of nonstop Fake News against Trump will be.

It is in this context that the latest anti-Trump provocations have been launched. Most pernicious has been the line from the media and Democrats stating that recent acts of violence are the result of Trump's attacks against his opponents. These include the mailing of fake explosive devices to Trump opponents, such as former President Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros and CNN, and the mass murder at a Pittsburgh synagogue on October 27. His opponents charge that the "climate of violence" caused by his alleged "hate-filled" attacks has given a green light to extremists to carry out murderous acts against those he criticizes, practically implying that he is intentionally sending subliminal messages mentally unstable individuals. The specific targets chosen for delivery of the pipe bombs leaves an odor of a False Flag, or FBI sting operation, behind it.

As part of this assault against him, Trump has been accused of being an authoritarian, a Nazi, a Hitler and/or Mussolini, a racist, a misogynist, a sexual predator, a tax cheat, etc. Do those making these charges not recognize they are engaging in an even more extreme hate messaging than that of which they accuse Trump?

Whether these latest acts are False Flag operations, or signs of the mental and moral degeneration of politics in the U.S., using them to bring down the president is a cynical and dangerous game. The Mueller investigation, and the Russiagate narrative run by British intelligence and their Obama-Clinton allies, have failed to remove Trump, and have not stopped him from pursuing an end to British geopolitics. It is now up to the American people to deliver another electoral shock to the failed political establishment, to give Trump the room to move the U.S. fully into an embrace of the New Paradigm.


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