Fascist Raid and Persecution of Roger Stone Exposes True Intent of Mueller

The pre-dawn raid on the home of Roger Stone on January 25, in which armor-clad FBI agents brandishing weapons pounded on his front door, in front of a TV camera, was scripted like a scene out of a movie.  In this case, the target was not a notorious terrorist, a violent narcotics trafficker, or a murderous psychopath, but a well-known, successful political consultant, who is charged with crimes such as "lying to the Congress."   In a release from LaRouchePAC, it is described as "yet another Mueller 'bombshell' in which the crime alleged has been created by Mueller, based on harassing and bankrupting potential witnesses—a so-called process crime for falling into created perjury traps—a concocted crime that has nothing to do with Trump himself."  

Famed civil liberties attorney Alan Dershowitz pointed out that, like most of Mueller's indictments, the charges have nothing to do with the ostensible purpose of the investigation, which is to prove Trump campaign collusion with Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Instead, the majority of the "crimes" by Trump campaign officials occurred after the election, in response to the investigation!  Dershowitz said that the "purpose of the indictment was to get [Stone] to cooperate against Trump."  The charges against Stone came in part from Mueller's thuggish tactics against two of Stone's former associates, Randy Credico and Dr. Jerome Corsi, in which the special counsel's team badgered them to get them to turn on Stone. 

The indictment comes after nearly two years of a campaign against Stone, from anti-Trump media and Democratic Party elected officials, such as Rep. Adam Schiff, which complemented Mueller's team's ongoing threats against Stone and his associates.  Mueller has been trying to prove that Stone had advanced notice of the Wikileaks' dump of Clinton campaign documents, to provide evidence that Trump, through Stone, his former campaign manager and long-time friend and associate, was in "collusion" with Vladimir Putin and his Russian team of election meddlers.  Failing to find any evidence to back up charges of meddling, or collusion by the campaign, or of Stone's "Russian connections," Mueller is using "process" indictments to convince Stone that he should "flip" on Trump, and give the special counsel the evidence he needs to justify his witch hunt.

But Stone continues to refuse to give Mueller what he wants.  Following his release on bail, he said that he will "cooperate" with Mueller, by telling the truth of what he knows, that there has been no contact by him with the Russians, nor any discussion with Trump of the Wikilieaks' documents, but that he will not make up a story to implicate the President in anything illegal.

Stone has been a fixture in American politics for decades, going back to his work with Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.  From his time with Reagan, he developed an appreciation for Lyndon LaRouche, who had been brought in by Reagan to negotiate with the Soviet Union on the proposed Strategic Defense Initiative.  LaRouche's involvement with this triggered a campaign against him from the highest levels of British intelligence, who demanded that the FBI expose LaRouche as a "Russian agent."  Mueller served as a key part of the Get LaRouche task force in the mid-1980s.  Stone played a key role in shaping Trump's successful campaign, and is a strong supporter of the President's commitment to break with the provocative geopolitics of the establishment behind the Bush and Obama presidencies, especially in their threats against Russia, and replace it with dialogue and cooperation with Putin, as well as with China's Xi Jinping.

The whole point of the British sponsorship of Russiagate has been to prevent Trump from succeeding in doing this.  Staging a brute force raid against Stone, which has more in common with the Nazi regime or the East German Stasi than with an honest, truth-seeking investigation, makes more clear that Mueller and the war mongers behind him will continue to trample upon the Constitution until they are stopped. 


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  • Stuart Finlay
    commented 2019-02-02 19:59:07 -0500
    First Flynn, the Corsi and now Stone and they still got nothin’