The frenzied dash by House Democrats to pass two articles of impeachment against President Trump demonstrates that its sponsors were fully aware of the weakness of their case, and also were fearful that allowing a full cross examination by Republicans of the witnesses who testified against him would reveal that there is no evidence to back the charges. At the same time, it further exposed the sense of urgency, among those behind the coup plot against him, to block his efforts to overturn the dangerous bipartisan geopolitical commitment to regime change and endless wars pursued by both Bush presidencies, Obama, and Hillary Clinton.  Trump's insistence on engaging in peaceful collaborative efforts with Russian President Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, which are bearing fruit, is correctly seen by the anti-Trumpers as a threat to their collapsing unipolar geopolitical system.

They justified the rush to judgement by arguing that speed was essential, because every day Trump remains in office is a.) a danger to U.S. national security and b.) an existential threat to fair and legitimate elections.  The Democrats, led by Speaker Pelosi, argued that Trump's threats to withhold military aid to Ukraine unless there was a public announcement by the government of an investigation of corruption by former U.S. Vice President Joe and his son, Hunter Biden, weakened that country in the face of Russian aggression, while demanding that it intervene on his behalf in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.  

This latter charge is a replay of the accusation that, by joking during the campaign in 2016 that he hoped the Russians would turn over Hillary Clinton's missing emails, he was appealing to Russian President Putin to "meddle", in order to insure his election.  The subsequent charge of "collusion", concocted and enlarged upon by elements of British intelligence, conspiring with officials of Obama's intelligence team and major media, was the heart of "Russiagate", which hung over his presidency from the day he took office.  It should have been put to rest when special counsel Robert Mueller testified before the Congress on July 24 that, despite his intensive, two-years-plus investigation, in which he used the full powers of his office to bully and intimidate witnesses, he could find no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

Not to be deterred, the coup plotters used a phone call the next day, on July 25, between Trump and Ukraine's President Zelensky, to launch a new round of inquisition, in support of another anti-Trump fabrication, this time involving his alleged demand that Ukraine meddle in the 2020 election. 


If Pelosi and her hit team were so convinced that the future of America was imperiled if Trump were not immediately removed from office, then why did she withhold the articles of impeachment from the Senate, thereby postponing a trial there?  This action violates the rules of the impeachment process set forward in the Constitution, and affirmed by precedent.  Pelosi claims that she is holding back the delivery of the articles of impeachment, as she is not convinced the Republican-controlled Senate would allow a "fair trial".  Given how rigged the House hearings were, in which Trump's attorneys were granted no right to cross-examine the witnesses against him, nor call their own witnesses, this is the height of hypocrisy.   

As Pelosi is refusing to say when—or if—she would send the articles over for trial in the Senate, her operatives are threatening to hold more hearings into alleged Trump misdeeds, with some saying that there could be two, three, or more impeachments, as new articles are invented. During the three years of anti-Trump diatribes, several Democrats have openly admitted that impeaching him is the only way the can prevent him from winning re-election.  Constitutional scholars, such as Alan Dershowitz, have pointed out that not moving ahead with a trial, out of fear that he will be acquitted in the Senate, violates the Constitution!  More significant was the comment from Schiller Institute chairman Helga Zepp LaRouche, that the intent behind Pelosi's actions is to tie Trump's hands over the last year of his present term, and use the destabilization of his presidency to defeat him in 2020.  

His opponents desperately wish to sabotage his key foreign policy initiatives, which include decisive moves to break from the strategic paradigm of regime change and war, which had put the U.S. on a collision course with Russia and China.  Trump continues to work with Putin to resolve a number of issues, including Ukraine, Syria and Afghanistan, as well as moving towards opening talks on a new strategic arms agreement.  There have been small, but significant steps taken by Russia and Ukraine to reduce tensions in eastern Ukraine, including a year-end prisoner swap, and a five-year deal to move Russian gas through pipelines in Ukraine.  These developments are occurring with at least implicit support from Trump, but are threatened by Congressional efforts to portray Zelensky as being submissive in relations with Putin, due to blackmail threats from Trump.  

On China, Trump and Xi have reached a Phase I agreement toward a new trade deal, which would benefit both sides, while he has rejected Congressional efforts to support violent terrorists in support of regime change in Hong Kong.  


The promise of these developments is the target of new actions taken by Congressmen from both parties, which are occurring as the "permanent impeachment" environment against Trump intensifies.  In the Senate, a new bill, with support from both parties, is targeting Russia.  The "Stopping Malign Activities from Russian Terrorism Act" (SMART), asks two questions: Does Russia meet criteria to be "designated as a state sponsor of terrorism"?; and should Russian-sponsored "armed entities" in eastern Ukraine be designated as foreign terrorist organizations.  The bill calls for imposing new sanctions.  Cosponsored by Republican Cory Gardner and Democrat Bob Menendez, it conveniently ignores the role of neo-Nazi militias in the Ukraine security forces, which provided muscle for the neocon backed Maidan coup in 2014, and provoked the conflict in eastern Ukraine.  Such anti-Russian propaganda provides a cover for the role played by the Obama administration in supporting the Maidan regime change coup, particularly the role of Obama's point man on Ukraine, Joe Biden!  It also ignores the positive role Putin is playing, in working with Zelensky, to bring about a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

As for China, anti-Trump forces in both parties are moving to sabotage the phase I trade agreement.  A December 28 piece in the pro-war Washington Post quotes leading Sinophobe, Republican Senator Rubio, as warning that China "seeks to displace" the U.S. "militarily, economically, technologically and geopolitically," while Democratic Senate leader Schumer described Trump's trade agreement as a "surrender to China."  The trade agreement is set for signing in Washington on January 15. 

The decision to pass articles of impeachment without any evidence of a crime, and to announce that impeachment efforts will not be stopped by the failure to convict in the Senate, means that the Military Industrial Complex, acting through its stooges in both parties, will stop at nothing to continue its dangerous geopolitical machinations, even if it leads to a nuclear World War III.  The supporters of "permanent war" are now backing "permanent impeachment."  What is urgently needed is not more fabricated charges against Trump, but a full release of the evidence being compiled by the Barr-Durham investigation, which will expose the criminal behavior of the collaboration between British intelligence and the Obama team, headed by Brennan and Clapper, which launched the regime change coup against Trump.  

The report issued by Justice Department Inspector General Horowitz was a good first step, as it documented in great detail the fraud committed by the FBI/DOJ in getting repeated warrants from the secret FISA Court to conduct surveillance against the Trump campaign.  It is now necessary that there be full exposure of this criminal gang of putschists, which is destabilizing the U.S. and trampling on the Constitution, in its desperate effort to stop Trump's crucial strategic initiatives.


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