Harley featured on "Crush The Street"

Harley just competed an excellent interview with the anti-Wall Street organization, "Crush The Street."  Their coverage of the interview starts, 

"A confluence of shocks to the stock market are converging as 2018 fights its way through its final month: technical chart levels being broken, the yield curve flattening and on the verge of inverting, the continuation of trade tensions… Investors are on the edge and seeking some sage guidance in these troubling times."

"Untangling this economic puzzle requires experience and expertise, and thankfully Crush the Street had the golden opportunity to interview Harley Schlanger of LarouchePac.com. Harley has been featured on a number of radio programs and writes regular articles covering breaking news, economics, the New Silk Road initiative, the end of geopolitics, and more."

"A political analyst extraordinaire, Harley Schlanger frequently reports on European major news and conferences, where he often attends with world leaders. Topics of interest to Mr. Schlanger include central banks, world currencies, precious metals, and international trade..."

You can watch the full interview below. 


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