Is the U.S. Headed for a Civil War?

Speaking at a press availability on October 20 sponsored by LaRouchePAC, the political action committee founded by Lyndon LaRouche, former National Security Agency (NSA) analyst and whistle blower J. Kirk Wiebe opened his presentation with a statement that would be quite shocking to one who is limited to reports on the U.S. election from the dishonest mainstream press:  "We are already in a civil war—it started because civil wars don't start with gunshots, they start with disagreements about essential things.  Things like, what do we want to be as a country, a Constitutional republic, and if we can keep it?  Do we cherish freedom of speech?   We have seen the most blatant censorship in the last days and it is going to get worse."  

Wiebe's remarks were designed to challenge American voters to realize what is at stake in the November 3 election, and why it is crucial that they participate in a mobilization to re-elect President Trump.  Before dismissing this as typical election campaign hyperbole, designed to whip up the faithful, consider the context.  Days before this event, evidence emerged in emails from Hunter Biden's laptop which confirms that former Vice President Joe Biden lied when he stated he had nothing to do with his son's lucrative involvement with a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, at a time when Biden was the Obama administration's "point man" on Ukraine.  Biden lied to cover up his role in pressuring the Ukrainian government to fire national prosecutor Shokin, who was looking into corruption charges against Burisma, which was paying Hunter Biden $83,000 per month to sit on its board, despite having no expertise in energy.  In December 2015, during a visit to Ukraine,  Biden demanded that President Poroshenko fire Shokin, or risk losing a $1 billion loan guarantee from the U.S. government.  Biden's crude effort at blackmail was confirmed later by himself, when he bragged publicly, "I looked at them and said, I'm leaving (Kiev) in six hours.  If the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money.  Well, son-of-a-bitch, he got fired."

The release of the emails retrieved from Hunter Biden's laptop—which Trump refers to as "the laptop from Hell" —which proves that Biden was lying when he insisted he was not involved in his son's questionable activities there, was openly censored after it initially appeared in the New York Post—NYP.  Social media giantsTwitter and Facebook claimed they stopped its circulation as it has not been "verified"!  One might ask if that argument was ever applied to the nonstop media coverage of the fabricated narrative of Russiagate against Trump, which was derived from "anonymous sources", all of which has been proven definitively to be false! 

The special irony in this story is that the impeachment by the U.S. House of Representatives of President Trump on December 18,  2019 was based on a charge that Trump tried to blackmail Ukraine when he allegedly demanded an investigation into Biden's corruption, or he would withhold funds to the country,  In other words, House Democrats tried to remove Trump based on false charges that he threatened to withhold funds to Ukraine in return for a "favor"—an investigation of Biden—a tactic which had actually been employed by Biden!  Trump was acquitted of the charges by the Senate, after Trump's lawyers proved there was no evidence to back up the allegations, and they were little more than a continuation of the failed efforts to remove him launched by Russiagate.  

One of the emails on Hunter's laptop is from an adviser to the Board of Burisma, thanking the younger Biden for arranging a meeting with his father during a visit to Washington.  Another email from the same Burisma official asks Hunter for "advice on how you could use your influence", as the son of the Vice President, on the company's behalf.  The meeting allegedly occurred months before Biden issued his ultimatum to the Ukrainian government.  Following the censorship of the NYP story by Twitter and Facebook, no major mainstream U.S. media source published the story, even after several former business partners of Hunter have come forward to confirm the veracity of the emails, including that they know that Hunter kicked back 10% of the income gained to "the Big Guy"—a reference to his father.  Biden remained silent on this, retreating to his basement after putting a self-acknowledged "lid" on his campaign, saying nothing except to once bark at a friendly questioner that there is nothing to the story.  Finally, prior to his final debate with Trump, he put out a denial, describing the story as a "desperate campaign to smear me and my family...there's no basis at all."

Again, there is a richness to the irony here, as President Trump was subjected to four years of smears and slanders, based on lies manufactured by British intelligence and its allies in the Obama intelligence community, Democrats, and the U.S. press, which now have been definitively refuted.  Ten days before the election, other than Biden's angry denial, there has been no evidence put forward to discredit the emails, except for the line from the same intelligence sources who concocted the Russiagate and Ukrainegate stories against Trump, claiming that what was found on Hunter's laptop has "all the classic earmarks of Russian involvement."


This line was put forward in a letter signed by more than forty intel officials who served under Obama, including ringleaders of Russiagate Brennan, the former CIA Director, and former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Clapper.  In their letter blaming Russia for the emails retrieved from the laptop, they admitted "we do not have evidence of Russian involvement—but it is consistent with Russian create political chaos in the U.S., to deepen the political divisions here, but also to undermine the candidacy" of Joe Biden.  Again, consider the irony: those make this charge have been engaged in running a coup plot against Trump, which has created "political chaos in the U.S.", and deepened "the political division", and are openly admitting that they are now committed to the election of Biden!

Responding to this, Trump's current DNI, John Ratcliffe, stated in an interview that the Intelligence Community "doesn't believe intelligence supports that....It's simply not true."  In a followup interview, reacting to media efforts to claim that Russia is interfering in the 2020 election, which FBI Director Christopher Wray has charged, along with the gaggle of Russiagate Democrats led by House Speaker Pelosi and chief Trump prosecutor and blatant liar, Rep. Adam Schiff, Ratcliffe stated, that while there is evidence of intervention by Iran, "We have not seen the same acts from Russia."

Ratcliffe has been denounced by the Brennan/Clapper gang for using intelligence for political purposes—again, given what they have done against Trump, note the hypocrisy in this.  The New York Times joined in on this theme, with a major article headlined, "The Intelligence Director Who Is Undermining Trust and Truth."  The Times has yet to apologize for four years of coverage alleging falsely that Trump "colluded" with Putin to win the 2016 election, that he is therefore a "puppet" of Putin and is selling out the nation's interests to an adversary for personal gain, etc., a line which they took fully from the Brennan/Clapper gang.

So far, the media which is upholding the censorship has not reported on who is running the "self-policing" of social media platforms which are blacking out information which would be harmful to Biden's campaign.  The Director of "Election Integrity" at Twitter, in charge of "Content Regulation", is Anna Makanju, who previously served as a special adviser to then-Vice President Joe Biden on Europe and Eurasia, specializing on Ukraine!  The recipient of a Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship, she also worked  as an assistant to regime change specialist Samantha Power, who offered a vigorous defense of the U.S. role, spearheaded by Biden, for the coup in Ukraine in February 2014.  She is also a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, one of the chief think tanks of the Anglo-American imperial establishment which provides back-up to the War Hawks pushing permanent geopolitical confrontation.


Among those with the honesty to challenge Twitter's blatant actions is journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is hardly a support of President Trump.  Greenwald wrote, "The only thing more authoritarian than the acts of Facebook and Twitter is the mentality that causes ordinary people to cheer it, to be grateful for the power and control they have long wielded and now unleashed."

In his comments on October 20, Wiebe was more direct: "The unprecedented censorship of the President, his press secretary, members of Congress and the fourth largest newspaper in the U.S. was an in-your-face declaration of intent by the Washington and Silicon Valley elites that they intend to attempt to steal this election and defeat Donald Trump, taking the Constitution of the United States out with the President."

The question that remains between now and Election Day is whether these elites will be successful in undermining support for Trump's re-election, and his promise that he will use his second term to complete the break with the post-Cold War order, which is undergoing a systemic breakdown crisis.  Despite the efforts of those behind the assault against President Trump, he is conducting a vigorous campaign, in which he repeatedly denounces those who have attacked him, while continuing to insist that he wishes to pursue cooperative relations with Russia.  Whether the American people respond to the challenge presented by Wiebe, and from the forces aligned with the LaRouche movement which have exposed the deadly intent of the anti-Trumpers, will determine whether the U.S. survives as a constitutional republic, or descends into chaos, inculding the possibility of a civil war.


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