Mueller & Ukraine Escalation Sabotage Trump-Putin Summit

That the British Empire and its geopolitical stooges fear the prospects of Presidents Trump and Putin forging a cooperative alliance has been conclusively proven once again by events which led to the cancellation of the latest attempt of the two to meet, last weekend in Buenos Aires at the G20 summit.  Despite the hysterical response in the U.S. and among America's putative allies against Trump and Putin following their summit meeting in Helsinki last July, the U.S. President repeatedly has reiterated his intention to increase his personal engagement with Putin.  A planned meeting, on the sideline of the Paris commemoration of the end of the First World War on November 11, was scuttled by French President Macron, who not only insisted no meeting take place, but used his pulpit to attack "nationalism", in a direct assault on both leaders, who advocate robust national sovereignty as a precondition for successful bilateral and multi-lateral relations.  

With everything in place for a meeting between Trump and Putin in Buenos Aires, the Poroshenko regime in Ukraine launched a dangerous provocation, sending three navy vessels into the Kerch Strait, violating a treaty agreement between Russia and Ukraine, and U.N. Sea Law, resulting in Russian forces seizing the ships and taking sailors prisoner.  The anti-Putin neocons and their media mouthpieces howled that this is more evidence of Putin's aggressive intentions, and applied pressure on Trump to cancel the planned meeting with Putin.  Trump initially seemed to reject blaming Russia unilaterally for the event, but later used the ship seizure and holding prisoners as a justification for cancelling the meeting with Putin. However, in his tweet announcing the cancellation, he wrote that he looks forward "to a meaningful Summit again as soon as this situation is resolved."

Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov responded with a very astute observation, stating that those behind the Ukraine provocation are the same forces involved in the coup against Trump in the U.S.  Lavrov's comment reflects his understanding, and that of leading Russian officials, that the Russophobia dominating western strategic thinking has been under attack by Trump's diplomacy, especially due to his rejection of the geopolitical confrontational character of the Bush and Obama administrations, and of the neocon forces in both parties which he defeated on his way to the White House.  The "Russiagate" attack against him has been fueled by the fear that the old imperial game of dividing east against west is threatened by Trump's desire to work with Putin, and must be defeated, at all costs.  Therefore, accuse him of being "Putin's puppet", to constrain his ability to collaborate, claiming his desire to meet with Putin has nothing to do with resolving ongoing tensions between the two Superpowers, but is merely an effort to "pay back" Putin for helping him become President.  This argument was made to criticize his initial reluctance to condemn Russia for "meddling" in the election, the Skripal affair, and in the False Flag cases involving Russia's alleged support for the false claims that Assad's forces are using chemical weapons. 

A quick look at the highly-publicized legal shenanigans of special counsel Robert Mueller in the days before the scheduled summit confirms that this is the leading anti-Trump strategy, as Mueller actions are being presented as proof he is "closing in" on Trump and his "Russian" connections, despite the absence of any evidence of "collusion" between Putin and Trump in the 2016 election.  Among these legal stunts was the ripping up the plea agreement with Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort, accusing him of lying.  According to the prosecution's case, Manafort must have evidence of Russian efforts to elect Trump, due to his alleged corrupt dependence on pro-Putin oligarchs, including in Ukraine.  The day before Mueller's team accused Manafort of lying, the Guardian ran an article by MI6 leaker Luke Harding, which claims Manafort met with Julian Assange of Wikileaks in June 2016. This story was discredited immediately by many, including even some anti-Trump media, with threats of libel action against the Guardian from Manafort and Assange forcing the leak sheet to modify the story.

Mueller also continued to send out messages that Roger Stone is a high-priority target, as a possible link between Trump and Assange, in orchestrating the release of documents allegedly hacked by Russia.  Mueller is using a charge against Jerome Corsi, again for lying to prosecutors, to try to pressure Corsi to implicate Stone.  The focus on Stone stems from his long-time relationship with Trump, his role in shaping Trump's campaign and his continuing commitment to support the President, especially through his efforts to expose the British-directed coup.  As in virtually all the charges filed by Mueller, there is no evidence of Stone working with Wikileaks or Russia, or discussing such work with Trump, and both Stone and Trump deny having any discussion of the Wikileaks' document dumps. 

These actions were followed by the announcement by Mueller's team that Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty on one count of lying to Congress about details, including dates, of his negotiations with Russian figures, to get a real estate deal to construct a Trump Tower in Moscow.  Cohen now says that his effort to conclude a deal for a Trump Tower continued until June 2016.  This is being hailed by the anti-Trumpers as a smoking gun, proof of a deal between Trump and Putin.  Trump responded by pointing out that Mueller has enticed Cohen to lie by offering him a reduced sentence for his financial crimes, and by making the legal point that there was nothing illegal or improper about him continuing his business activities during the campaign!

Each of these actions by Mueller concern events which allegedly occurred in June and July of 2016, when Trump consolidated his nomination; when the first round of Clinton-related documents was dumped by Wikileaks; and when the FBI, in conjunction with British intelligence and CIA officials created the "Get Trump" task force.  Cohen's plea includes his commitment to "full cooperation" with the special counsel's office.       

The Mueller offensive, and the hysterical war mongering over Russia's legitimate defense of its territory in the Kerch Strait incident, were used to convince Trump that the "optics" of meeting with Putin would look bad, as it would appear that he was capitulating to Putin just as the evidence of his "deal" with Putin was coming out.  Lacking any evidence to back up the nonstop charges of Russian hacking, Trump collusion, and obstruction of justice—which is what the investigation was supposed to be about—Mueller and his defenders are running a psychological warfare operation against Trump, his supporters and the American people, to confuse and disorient them, all in service to the neocon crazies desperate to preserve the geopolitical status quo.

The best defense is for the President to proceed with the declassification of ALL documents related to Russiagate, especially those which show that the real collusion was between British imperial intelligence officials and corrupt networks in the U.S., including Obama's intelligence team (Brennan, Clapper and Comey), FBI officials like Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok, and Justice Department officials such as Rod Rosenstein and Bruce Ohr.  Release of these documents would not only confirm that what we are witnessing is the most outrageous and unconstitutional crime in U.S. history—an illegal collaboration to remove an elected President under completely false pretenses—for the purpose of defending a collapsing system, at the risk of provoking war—but also the opening salvo in actually "draining the swamp", by putting on trial those behind the attempt to carry out a regime change coup in the United States. 

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