In 1996, after his release from prison following a conviction based on fraud and lies aimed at silencing him, internationally renowned statesman Lyndon LaRouche spoke of the explicit danger to the American republic, if the perpetrators of this gross injustice were not stripped of their arbitrary authority.  "We have an out-of-control Justice Department in my view," he said, "where the rot is not in the appointees as much as it is in the permanent bureaucracy.  We have a permanent sickness in the permanent bureaucracy of part of our government.

"In my case," he continued, "when the time came that somebody wanted me out of the way, they were able to rely upon that permanent bureaucracy of government to do the job....Always there is that agency inside the Justice Department which works for a contract like a hitman....And that until we remove from our system of government a rotten, permanent bureaucracy, which acts like contract assassins, using the authority of the justice system to perpetrate assassinations, this country is not free, nor anyone in it."   

When a target is identified, as he was, by those forces which control this bureaucracy, they will spend whatever it takes, and do whatever they want, until that target is brought down, as they did with LaRouche, imposing on him a fifteen year jail term.  The prosecution against him was denounced by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, in a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno on April 26, 1995.  Clark wrote of the LaRouche case that he believes 

"it involves a broader range of deliberate and systematic misconduct and abuse of power over a longer period of time in an effort to destroy a political movement and leader, than any other federal prosecution in my time or to my knowledge."      

LaRouche's warning of the danger to the republic if this rot is not removed has been confirmed by the last three years of lawless assault on the presidency of Donald Trump, which is accurately described as an attempted regime change coup.  The attack on Trump, which began even before he had secured the Republican nomination for President, was coordinated by the same networks which targeted LaRouche.  It was initiated by the highest levels of British intelligence, operating through long-established channels in the U.S. intelligence community, coordinated by CIA Director Brennan, which then mobilized corrupt networks in the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI to do the dirty work, directly coordinating their assault with their assets in what Trump has accurately characterized as the "Fake News" media.  Special counsel Robert Mueller, who was deployed to Get Trump, had been part of the original DOJ team that ran the "Get LaRouche" task force in the mid-1980s!

Hiding behind the mantra that their offenses are justified by the commitment to the "rule of law", the hypocrisy of this slogan has been exposed repeatedly.  Even as their lies have been clearly countered, as in the LaRouche case by an independent commission, or in the current case by the counter-offensive against the coup plotters, leading to their failure to remove Trump through the phony "Russiagate" special counsel investigation, or the equally fraudulent "Ukrainegate" articles of impeachment, they respond by repeating the lies, and accusing those who unmask them as "conspiracy theorists."  

Where is the commitment to the "rule of law", and its related claim to "impartial justice", one might ask, when the lie that Russia engaged in hacking emails from the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee computers—which was the initiating point of the coup plot—is repeated ad nauseum, with no evidence produced to back it up, while those repeating it have suppressed discussion of the forensic findings by former NSA cyber expert Bill Binney and his associates, which prove there was no outside hacking, but that the emails which exposed Clinton campaign/DNC corruption were downloaded onto a flash drive or similar device—in other words, it was an inside job?  

In the case of Roger Stone, whose sentencing took place on February 20, the prosecution insisted that Stone face harsh punishment, as they claimed he had committed a "direct and brazen attack on the rule of law."  Stone's conviction resulted from a perjury trap, regarding allegations that he told lies about collusion between the Trump campaign, Julian Assange of Wikileaks, and Russian hackers.  Not only did Stone have no actual direct contacts of substance with WikiLeaks, but the Mueller report could find no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign—so where was the crime?  Further the charge of obstruction results from the claim that he withheld evidence of the non-existent collusion, and the witness tampering charge was rejected by the "victim" of Stone's alleged intimidation, who said he did not feel threatened by him.  The jury which convicted him was presided over by a foreman who openly expressed hatred for Trump in social media posts, and who posted anti-Trump, pro-prosecution diatribes during the trial.  


The flap over the sentencing of Roger Stone this week, which began when Attorney General William Barr intervened to counter the draconian sentence demanded by DOJ prosecutors, forced those of the permanent bureaucracy, which functions as a "shadow government", out of the shadows.   It has been noted, by President Trump and others, that the case against Roger Stone, which was centered around five counts of "lying to Congress", is an example of systemic hypocrisy.  Describing the case as a "miscarriage of justice," Trump tweeted that a "double standard" exists, as he correctly asserted that coup plotters, such as CIA Director Brennan, Director of National Intelligence Clapper, FBI officials Comey, McCabe and Strzok, all lied to Congress, but none have been charged for their offenses. 

When President Trump intervened, calling the proposed 7-to-9 year sentence of Stone a "travesty", and expressed his appreciation for Barr's action, a letter was circulated, signed by over 1,100 former DOJ officials, demanding that Barr resign.  Democrats jumped on this, with Senator Elizabeth Warren, a failing presidential candidate, calling for Barr's impeachment, while the usually unhinged Rep. Maxine Waters called for Barr to be "disbarred or jailed."   The Federal Judges Association also weighed in, calling for an emergency meeting to discuss what they called Barr's illegitimate intervention in an ongoing case, which was clearly an attempt to influence the sentencing.  Despite telling media that this was an emergency, which required urgent action, the association decided to postpone the meeting.  Perhaps they were reflecting on the damage they were about to inflict on the image of an "impartial judiciary", by jumping in to defend out-of-control prosecutors; or maybe they were chilled by the implications of their own duplicity in tolerating such legal offenses, after Trump tweeted, "I hope the Federal Judges Association will discuss the tremendous FISA Court abuse that has taken place with respect to the Mueller Investigation Scam," referring to the evidence produced by DOJ Inspector Horowitz's report of systemic abuses of the FBI, in obtaining warrants from the secret FISA court to spy on his presidential campaign. 

There is one other factor consider in viewing the obvious over-reaction to Barr's action, which is certainly within his right as Attorney General.  In addition to weighing in on the Stone sentencing, Barr has a team looking into the case of Trump's first National Security Adviser, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who was coerced by questionable prosecutorial methods into accepting a guilty plea.  Flynn's attorneys are seeking to withdraw his plea, on grounds of prosecutorial misconduct.

Further, Barr launched an investigation into the origins of the Russiagate investigation, bringing in respected U.S. Attorney John Durham to oversee the case.  This includes reviewing the role of the Steele dossier, produced by "former" MI6 operative Christopher Steele, which was paid for by the Clinton campaign, and was fraudulently used by the FBI seeking warrants from the FISA Court to spy on the Trump campaign, as well as the use of "sting" operatives, such as Josef Mifsud and Stephan Halper, who were deployed to plant the story of "Russian hacking" on Trump campaign operative Papadopoulos, and to incriminate Carter Page.  In the case of Mifsud, despite evidence that he was working with the "western" intelligence agencies, the Mueller report calls him a Russian asset; and in the Page case, despite knowledge that Page was working with the CIA, he was labelled a Russian operative!  Barr is also reported to be honing in on the role of John Brennan, who was involved in triggering the investigation, based on unconfirmed reports of "unusual Russian cyber activity" produced by Britain's GCHQ, their equivalent of the National Security Agency.


This investigation has the potential to bring down the whole coup operation, implicating high-level British, Australian and Ukrainian networks; exposing top Obama intelligence operatives who joined them in fabricating fake narratives, including possibly Obama himself; and, as in the case of the self-outing of representatives of the permanent bureaucracy in the DOJ in the Stone-Barr flap, exposing what LaRouche described as the "rot" in the "permanent bureaucracy."  These recent developments have encouraged others victimized by this operation to speak out, such as K.T. McFarland, a national security expert who came into government service during the Reagan administration.  She was an assistant to Flynn, who was targeted by the DOJ/Mueller hit team.  McFarland described the torment she was put through by Mueller's team, which tried to flip her to testify against Flynn, in an interview this week with WMAL radio, which broadcasts in the Washington, D.C. area.

McFarland said there is a "group of people who have gotten used to governing and they think it is their divine right.  And even if the American voter votes for someone who wants to get rid of them or change their policies, they feel they have the patriotic duty to overrule election results."  Echoing LaRouche's comments from twenty-four years earlier, she described this as an establishment of "permanent, professional politicians at the administrative state...who can't be fired from government", and include the "think tanks, the mainstream media....They're all part of the same group and they think they're the ones in charge."

It is time to show them that it is the American people, and not the professional bureaucrats who take as their responsibility the protection of the corrupt, failing system, who are the true sovereigns of the republic.  It has been the case from the beginning of the Trump presidency that those who have been running this system, from the City of London and Wall Street, would not tolerate interference from the elected President, Donald Trump.  The draining of this "swamp" can no longer be postponed, if the republic is to be saved, and true justice served.

For this to occur, a good place to start would be the long-overdue exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche.


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