SOTU: Neocons in Both Parties Erupt Against Trump as He Calls for "Cooperation, Compromise and the Common Good"

The gang of neocons and neoliberals in the United States, which is committed to defending the global interests of the collapsing British Empire, has escalated its efforts in the last weeks to thwart President Trump's strategic initiatives, at the same time it is escalating its drive to remove him from office.  They have launched a bipartisan legislative offensive against him, while simultaneously intensifying their campaign against Russia and China, the two major nations Trump has identified repeatedly as among those with which he wants friendship and cooperation.  

Trump's appeal to the American people in his State of the Union (SOTU) address on February 6, in which he expressed his readiness to work with Congress “not as two parties, but as one nation,” and called on Congress to “Embrace cooperation, compromise, and the common good,” was rejected almost immediately by those unwilling to break with the dangerous confrontational geopolitical policies of his predecessors, Bush and Obama.  One blatant  example was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's response to his call for an end to "ridiculous partisan investigations."  Pelosi described this as "an all-out threat"!  

While the main thrust against Trump has come from the ongoing fraudulent Russiagate fiasco, which insists that his desire for good relations with Russia is a payback to Putin for his alleged—and still unproven—role in electing Trump, the malicious imperial intent behind the attacks on him has become increasingly apparent.  This is especially true following the release last week of the "Worldwide Threat Assessment" report by his intelligence officials (see last week's posting), which contradicted him on the success of many of his initiatives, which are designed to break out of the strategic geometry defined by "endless wars" and regime change coups.  One of the more poignant lines from his SOTU speech was when he defended his decision to withdraw all U.S. troops from Syria, and begin the pullout of one-half of the U.S. forces in Afghanistan.  "Great nations don't fight endless wars," he said, repudiating the "war party", which is made up of members of both parties, while expressing what polls show to be the sentiment of a majority of Americans.


In spite of the constraints imposed on him by Russiagate, which has led, among other things, to the cancellation of two scheduled meetings with Russian President Putin, Trump has broken with the neocon/neo-liberal globalists on several key flanks.  He continues to pursue a policy of engagement with North Korea, and will meet again with President Kim Jong-un in Vietnam on February 27-28.  His commitment to push for denuclearization of North Korea, in return for bringing North Korea into broad economic cooperation in conjunction with China, Russia, Japan and South Korea, was rebuffed as a pipe dream by his intel officials, who told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that Kim will never give up his nuclear weapons. 

In a further attack on his Korean initiatives, a bill was introduced in the House with sponsors from both parties opposing withdrawal of U.S. troops from South Korea.  Trump has not made such a proposal, but he has cancelled military maneuvers there, as part of the process of building trust, with the backing of the South Korean government.  One Trump supporter said the only reason for such a bill is to cast doubts about the U.S. commitment to protect South Korea, making his effort for an agreement with Kim seem reckless, rather than a sound policy  decision—which is precisely what the neocons intend. 

On his decision to withdraw from Syria, the Senate passed 68-23 a non-binding amendment opposing his plan.  Senate Majority leader McConnell, a Republican, gave full support to this, as did a number of Senators from both parties.  Their argument was the same as that of the Threat Assessment report: Trump is wrong to say ISIS has been defeated, and U.S. troops should remain to finish the job.  And while military officials on the ground in Syria report that 99% of territory once controlled by ISIS has been liberated, almost entirely by the Syrian military, aided by Russia and Iranian troops, a report leaked by neocons in the Pentagon backs up the Intel officials, who insisted Trump is wrong to leave.  General Votel, the Centcom Commander of U.S. military forces, added his voice to the rebellion against Trump's policy, stating he was "not consulted" in the decision-making process, and that he thinks ISIS has not been defeated.  Though the implication of his remarks was that he personally opposes the withdrawal from Syria, he nevertheless confirmed that it is underway and will be completed, following Trump's orders.

Anti-Trump networks also are acting openly to sabotage his efforts to reach a broad agreement with China on trade.  The 23-count indictment against Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications conglomerate, announced by the Department of Justice on the day a Chinese delegation arrived in Washington for trade talks, was backed by a bill introduced—again, with bipartisan support—which would prohibit U.S. industrial and commercial relations with China's leading telecom companies, including Huawei and ZTE.  In the SOTU, Trump said he hopes to complete successful negotiations with China by the March 1 deadline, and meet with his "personal friend", China's President Xi, to finalize the deal.  A U.S. delegation, headed by Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, is now in China to continue the dialogue.

In addition to these legislative initiatives, there has been an extremely aggressive ramping up of the Russiagate story, as Democrats are using their takeover of the House to escalate their drive for impeachment.  According to the New York Times, the House Intelligence Committee will begin a broad inquiry into what influence Russia and other nations are exerting over Trump.  Toward this end, they intend to reopen hearings on the two initial charges, which special counsel Mueller has failed to prove, of Russian election interference, and Trump campaign collusion with Russia.  They will also investigate Russian financial leverage over Trump, and whether the White House has engaged in obstruction of justice.  Other committees will look into Trump's personal tax returns, his family's business ventures, and the funding of the Inaugural Committee.  

What this means is that the Democrats are not waiting for Mueller's final report, but intend to create such a negative image of Trump and his administration that they can proceed with impeachment, in the absence of any impeachable crime!  By building consensus with Republicans against Trump on strategic matters, such as extending the endless wars he is trying to end, they hope to gain support from enough Republican Senators to convict him in the Senate, after gaining a vote for impeachment in the House.


Such a strategy could only work if the American people are so numbed by the years of media brainwashing and repeated accusations against the President that they submit to the coup.  Trump has shown courage in standing up against the corrupt officials of the London-directed Obama-Clinton team, in fighting against the Russiagate coup, and in following through on his campaign pledges to get the nation out of war, and walk away from such horrendous globalist policies as the free trade agreements which have gutted American manufacturing, and the fake-science Paris Climate Agreement.

Two additional steps, were he to take them, would have a major remoralizing effect on his base, to mobilize them to defeat those behind the coup against him.  One is to follow through with his threat to expose them, by declassifying not only the documents which show that it is British intelligence, acting on behalf of the empire, that concocted the fraudulent story of Russiagate, and has been using it to remove him from office, but that the same networks were behind the assassination of the Kennedy brothers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King in the 1960s, Iran-Contra, the cover-up of 9/11, the role of major international banks in arms trafficking and drug money laundering, etc.

Second, would be for him to fulfill his promise to restore American "greatness", reviving scientific and technological progress, in order to restore U.S. manufacturing and build a modern infrastructure.  He could do that by adopting LaRouche's Four Laws, which were drafted by the world's foremost physical economist, Lyndon LaRouche: impose Glass Steagall bank separation, to insure no protection by the government for corrupt speculators, while protecting the positive functions of commercial banks, as depository and lending institutions; adopt a Hamiltonian National Credit policy, to fund investment in real, physical production; proceed with necessary investments in job-creating, productivity-enhancing infrastructure; and emphasize investment in science driver projects, such as space exploration and development of nuclear fusion, to address mankind's needs for the next generations. 

In his SOTU, Trump demonstrated he is capable of addressing Americans on this higher, elevated level.  In speaking of the potential of the nation, he said,

"Generations of Americans before you won their freedom, ended slavery, defeated fascism, made breakthroughs at the frontiers of science.  What will we do with this moment? How will we be remembered? I ask the men and women of this Congress to take this moment.... This is the time to reignite the American imagination. I am asking you to choose greatness."

Reigniting the "American imagination" is an essential first step in overcoming the pessimism introduced by years of media brainwashing.  Combined with full exposure of the corruption of the ruling elite in the last decades, it is more than simply soaring rhetoric or an electoral gimmick, but an invitation to embrace the best traditions of the American republic.

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