The Strategic Significance of the Fight Against Vote Fraud

There is ample evidence emerging, in the investigation of the numerous "irregularities" in vote counting in the November 3 U.S. Presidential election, that there was major vote fraud committed on behalf of the candidacy of Joe Biden.  The likelihood is that a full, honest investigation of these irregularities will determine that President Trump won re-election.  His relentless campaigning, with three-to-five rallies per day before large and enthusiastic crowds—in some cases in the tens of thousands of people—sparked a powerful dose of optimism, which brought out a record turnout of voters.

In contrast, the typical "rally" addressed by Biden or his running mate, Kamala Harris, included a dozen or so staffers, and perhaps thirty-to-fifty people, sitting in socially-distanced automobiles, mobilized by their hatred of Trump, rather than by an optimistic vision of the future.  In fact, Biden's theme has been the "dark winter" which Americans face, unless he is elected—hardly an inspiring rallying cry. 

In a number of the "battleground" or "swing" states, that is, the states needed to get to 270 electoral votes required to win the election, which have gone back-and-forth between the Democrats and Republicans in recent elections, the totals on election eve were overwhelmingly favoring Donald Trump.  However, as the mail-in ballots, absentee ballots and provisional ballots were counted, there was a wild swing favoring Biden, in most cases following an unexplained pause in the tabulation of votes.  In one case, in Michigan, 130,000 votes were awarded to Biden in one dump, with not a single vote recorded for Trump—a statistical impossibility.  Ten days after the election, they are still counting ballots in Arizona and Nevada, and an automatic recount was triggered in Georgia, where the difference between the two is less than 10,000 votes.  

There remain unresolved questions about the extension of voter deadlines for mail-in ballots, the denial of observer status of poll watchers in several states, numbers of dead people and voters no longer at their official addresses casting ballots, and "glitches" which switched votes from Trump to Biden, which were caught by hand-counting in counties in Michigan and Georgia, in counties where Dominion Voting Systems software was used.  Technical experts, including NSA whistle blowers Bill Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe have been outspoken in insisting that cyber warfare capabilities which have been designed by the NSA which the CIA has used to alter votes in foreign countries, and which could have been used in the U.S. election, and this must be investigated.  At the deadline for this report, they were reporting on the cyber warfare capability of a program called "Hammer", with an application named "Scorecard", which can instantly shift votes without being detected; and Trump attorney Sidney Powell has put a spotlight on a software firm named Smartmatic, whose leading officers have ties to anti-Trump networks connected to George Soros, the City of London, and the British Foreign Office!

Attorneys for Trump have filed nearly twenty civil lawsuits challenging the counting, including an 85-page Federal complaint involving the counting in Pennsylvania, and investigations of the possibility of criminal fraud have been launched by the Justice Department (DOJ), after an initiative was taken by Attorney General Barr to determine if fraud occurred.  The election results will not be certified until December 14, when electors meet in the fifty states and the District of Columbia, to cast their ballots.  It is possible that the legal challenges could lead to reversals of the results reported thus far, meaning that, until then, the outcome is not determined.

So why the rush to declare Biden the President-Elect?  Why the insistence from Democratic politicians, and the media—including "social media", such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, which has gone so far as to censor the President's tweets—to say that, in spite of the evidence of fraud unearthed thus far, that there is "no evidence" of fraud, and that Trump is being "childish" for refusing to accept his defeat?  He has correctly said that it is up to an honest counting of legal ballots to determine who is President, not a decision made by the media, and that he will fight to insure that the legal votes will be counted, but not ballots cast illegally.


The pronouncements coming from official anti-Trump channels betray a profound hypocrisy, one which is tossing fuel on the fire of resentment caused by the blatant fraud discovered thus far.  For example, Senate Minority leader Schumer called on Republicans to "stop deliberately and recklessly sowing doubt about our democratic process."  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused Republicans of "not respecting the will of the people."  

Have they forgotten the four years of false claims they made, backed by corrupt networks of Obama administration intelligence officials, in which "doubts" were cast about Trump's 2016 victory?  Do they think Americans have forgotten their desperate efforts to remove Trump, based on fabricated reports of "Russian meddling and hacking", and Trump "collusion" with Putin, charges which have been definitively proven to be fraudulent, concocted on behalf of the failed candidacy of Hillary Clinton—and in the case of the fake Steele dossier, paid for by her campaign, to "sow doubts" about Trump's election?  And yet, they are lecturing the nation about the sanctity of "our democratic process!" 

As for the media, and their social media echo chamber, there is uniform agreement that the charges of fraud are "baseless", attributed to sour grapes on behalf of Trump and his supporters.  Are there no serious investigative reporters employed by mainstream media, who can look into actual evidence being presented, and going further, to see how it might have occurred?  One of the few exceptions was a piece in Newsweek, by opinion editor Josh Hammer, which took the media to task for ignoring serious questions about the lack of quality control when it comes to certifying mail-in ballots.


It is a legitimate question to ask why would Trump's adversaries act so blatantly to remove him through fraud, when they failed so miserably to overturn his election through Russiagate.  In several recent events sponsored by LaRouchePAC, speakers, including researcher Barbara Boyd, Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp LaRouche, and this author, explained how the fraud must be seen in the context of the efforts to remove Trump through a regime change coup.  The context tells a story deliberately ignored by Trump's opponents, who are desperate to keep the real story from the public.

The attacks against Trump began before the 2016 election, and came in the midst of the breakdown of the establishment parties.  Trump ran as an outsider, attacking the strategic commitment of the Bush Republicans and Clinton Democrats to the endless wars which began after September 11, 2001, and the surveillance state they constructed to control the opposition to those wars.  He also criticized the economic/financial policies which deindustrialized the nation through outsourcing, reduced living standards while bailing out the speculators who collapsed the economy in 2008, and continued and intensified those policies after the crash.  

The devastating effects of neoliberal economic policy and the commitment to geopolitical doctrines which necessitate war and the global deployment of U.S. military forces were unpopular in 2016, and are still unpopular today.  Trump's commitment to overturn the failed globalist trade agreements, reject the Fake Science of the Green New Deal, and end the U.S. role as the world's policeman, was unacceptable to those running the two parties.  From the British House of Lords, which proclaimed Trump a danger to the "special relationship" in which the U.S. provided the muscle to back up the City of London's imperial looting policies, to intelligence community officials such as John Brennan and James Clapper, who see new wars as necessary to "contain" China and Russia, it was urgent that he be removed—by any means necessary.

This became even more urgent, as the post-2008 financial system, bloated by debts of all sorts, and is threatened by a chain reaction collapse, faced an existential crisis in the late summer of 2019.  The "Davos elites" of the transatlantic region had determined that a "financial regime change" was needed.  This "Global Re-Set" would establish a banker's dictatorship, run through the central banks, acting on behalf of the largest private banks and entities of the Shadow Banking System.  This includes, as key features, taking control of fiscal, or spending policy, out of the hands of elected governments, and placing that power in the hands of technocrats working on behalf of the private financial interests; and enacting a global Green New Deal, to lower the levels and efficiency of energy production, manufacturing and agriculture to levels which could not sustain a world population of seven-plus billion people.

What is the benefit of elections if enacting policy is placed in the hands of an unelected permanent bureaucracy, which puts the desires of the few ahead of the common good of those who elected them? 

This agenda included measures to contain efforts by sovereign nation states, such as Russia, China, and a Trump-led U.S., to break with the existing post-Cold War world order.  Trump's stated desire to work with Putin and China's Xi, and his desire to limit the power of Wall Street, threatens their intention of consolidating and extending the power of this collapsing paradigm.  The possibility that Trump would return to his desire to work with Xi, after his re-election, was behind the efforts to sabotage that relationship by War Hawks in his administration, and was a risk too great for the geopoliticians to accept.  Therefore, he had to go.

What is at stake in this fight was presented by Zepp LaRouche in her online presentation on November 10.  She developed how the fight against vote fraud is the same as that waged in the late 18th century in the American war of independence against the British Empire, and how a return to the "spirit of the American Revolution" is needed to win this fight.  

"Because if this can be done to the United States [i.e., regime change through vote fraud], if a method that has been developed by this apparatus, to manipulate elections around the world, to make the world's democracies a farce, if there are no more genuine elections, then what is democracy?  What are human rights?  This all becomes completely farcical.  If this can be allowed in the United States, there will be no freedom, no democracy, no human rights anywhere in the world if these people succeed."

And that is why it is necessary to make sure that every legal ballot is counted, and that the fraud behind the claims to Biden's victory, and the officials who acted to produce it, must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


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