The acquittal of President Donald Trump on two articles of impeachment by a vote in the U.S. Senate on February 5 should free him to pursue the urgent, dramatic strategic policy changes which led to him being targeted for a regime change coup, by those defending the Bush-Obama status quo.  That status quo, which Trump pledged to overturn during his election campaign, included a commitment to remain engaged in the "endless wars" launched by Bush and Obama, and to continue the global free trade agenda, and its related anti-growth "Green" policy, which have been dismantling the manufacturing and agriculture sectors in the developed nations.  Sticking to this degenerating status quo was the policy of Hillary Clinton, whom Trump defeated.  In particular, it was his oft-stated commitment to work with Russia and President Putin, rather than engage in escalating provocations against Russia, which earned him the special enmity of top intelligence operatives in the United Kingdom and the Obama team, and their stooges in the Democratic Party, who were behind the "Russiagate" investigation and "Ukrainegate" impeachment against him. 

As with the Russiagate effort run by special counsel Robert Mueller, the Senate vote rejecting impeachment brought against him on vague allegations of "abuse of power" and "obstruction" of the investigation, failed due to lack of any credible evidence. The President's attorneys showed that even had he done what the Democratic House impeachment managers accused him of—which they could not do, as the charges were based on lies—it did not rise to the level specified by the U.S. Constitution as required to remove a president. Democrats were reduced to repeating unsubstantiated refrains, such as the "evidence against him is overwhelming", to cover for the failure to produce any actual evidence, while insisting that their inability to produce a "smoking gun" was due to Trump "hiding incriminating evidence."!

In particular, they continued to hammer away at the allegation that Trump "cheated" to win in 2016, by colluding with Russian "meddling", despite the failure of Mueller to prove this during his nearly-two year witch-hunt. This was the sub-text of their charges about Ukraine, that Trump withheld aid to Ukraine, to force the Zelensky government to provide dirt against possible Trump opponent Joe Biden in 2020. The chief Democratic prosecutor, Rep. Adam Schiff, said that Trump's actions threatened U.S. security, as he lied that Russia invaded Ukraine, and that if we can "fight them there, we won't have to fight them (the Russians) here"! In her support of Schiff's fraudulent charges, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the explanation for Trump's actions is that "All roads lead to Russia", that is, he is controlled by Putin.

Prior to the Senate vote, a hyped-up Schiff assailed Senate Republicans, saying that if Trump is acquitted of trying to cheat in the 2020 election (by forcing Ukraine to investigate Biden family corruption, allegedly to smear Joe Biden), he will definitely cheat again—in other words, Schiff is continuing to read from the Mueller playbook, even after it has been discredited.


Despite the defeat of their latest Get Trump operation, don't expect the desperate Democrats to drop their offensive and actually attempt to join with Trump to begin governing. One after another engaged in angry outbursts against him and his defenders, asserting the correctness of their charges, and accusing Trump's defenders of undermining the "rule of law". Senate Democratic leader Schumer denounced the acquittal, saying the "Kangeroo Court verdict is meaningless." Schiff and his fellow managers wrote an op ed in the February 6 Washington Post, attacking Trump and the Senate under the headline, "Trump Won't Be Vindicated—the Senate Won't Be Either", while the Post lead editorial exposed the intent of the coup plotters: "It's Not Over," the headline blared, "Congress Must Continue to Hold Trump Accountable."

Schiff's statement that there may be more articles of impeachment coming is backed up by a schedule of new and ongoing investigations by the sore losers in the House. Rep. Nadler announced he will call super-war hawk John Bolton as a witness, despite the fact that Bolton has changed his story on Trump's phone call with Zelensky, and has in the past been denounced by the Democrats now embracing him as "not credible." The Ways and Means Committee is still pursuing Trump's tax returns, while Maxine Waters of the House Financial Services Committee announced she will continue efforts to get access to financial records from Deutsche Bank, in search of dirt on Trump. Rep. Waters should be asked if her time and efforts might be better spent demanding answers from the Federal Reserve chief, Jerome Powell, about why the Fed continues to shower financial markets with "helicopter money", to bail out zombie banks and corporations and inflate the stock market bubble, while millions of Americans are falling deeper into poverty and debt, and companies engaged in producing real physical wealth are cut off from credit!


With the three year inquisition against Trump now behind him, LaRouchePAC (LPAC), the committee founded by the late economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche, has put forward an action program, which can enable the President to fulfill the campaign promises which led to his victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. An LPAC statement of February 7 states that, with Trump "liberated to act on his own best intentions, no longer needing to appease the neocon war mongers in both parties", he can "end the criminal regime change wars; escalate the Artemis space exploration [which commits the U.S. to a mission to return to the Moon in 2024]; establish friendly cooperation with Russia and China in global development projects through the Belt and Road." Further, it is essential that "he call a summit with Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, to resolve the war danger in the Mideast, and call a new Bretton Woods conference to replace the bankrupt western financial system centered in the City of London", as the Schiller Institute's Helga Zepp LaRouche urged, when the U.S. and Iran moved to the brink of war.

A necessary step to accomplish this is the long-overdue exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche, who was smeared and then jailed by the same network of British and U.S. intelligence operatives who targeted Trump for a regime change coup. During his years of leadership to bring the U.S. back to the American System of physical economy, LaRouche did battle with these forces, while meeting with leaders worldwide to organize support for the global development projects which would emerge from a true collaborative relationship between the U.S. and three great powers—Russia, China and India—which the Get Trump operatives tried to prevent.

Access to LaRouche's ideas, and method of thinking, would be advanced by exposing the corrupt motives of those who attacked him, and would also provide the growing segment of Americans who reject the collapsing Anglo-American system with the insights needed to move the U.S. into the New Paradigm, which is consistent with the principles which made the American System, in the past, a model for the world.

Despite three years of lies, slanders, illegal spying against Trump and his supporters, and the impeachment farce, the British-directed imperial gang in the U.S. has been unable to diminish the support which rallied voters to elect him in 2016. On the day of his acquittal, Gallup released a poll which showed his approval rating has reached an all-time high, of 49%. At the same time, the vote-counting debacle in the Iowa Democratic caucus, the first test of the candidates running against Trump, demonstrates what was evident from the time of the launching of Russiagate: that it was not Putin and Trump who interfered in the 2016 election, but those backing Hillary Clinton, who engaged in illegal actions against Bernie Sanders and against Trump. The failure to produce legitimate results from Iowa shows the same intent today, this time in support of the would-be American Mussolini, Michael Bloomberg.

The acquittal in the Senate demonstrates that the principles underlying the U.S. Constitution were strong enough to survive the assault against them by those committed to turning the U.S. into a British-style parliamentary system. It is now time to fully revive those principles, through a mobilization to restore the American System of economics, and to extend them into strategic alliances to realize the "Common Aims of Mankind." By doing this, the attacks on Trump, and LaRouche before him, will be seen as a shameful chapter in American history, which led to a new, vigorous revival of the true principles of the American Revolution.


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