The vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on October 31, to authorize guidelines for the next phase of a formal impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, means that the 2020 presidential election will be shaped by a dynamic between two competing inquiries: the current fabricated impeachment drive to remove the President, over a fake narrative of a phone call to Ukraine's President, versus the criminal inquiry into the origins of Russiagate, under the direction of Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham.  The 232-196 vote to proceed to the next phase of impeachment was, with three exceptions, on strict party lines, with all but two Democrats voting for it, while one anti-Trump independent, Rep. Amash, voted with the Democrats.  

The Democrats have enough votes in the House to win an impeachment vote, but, to remove a President, the Senate must vote to convict, which requires 67 votes.  It is highly unlikely that enough Republican Senators would vote for impeachment, especially when the present case being brought against him is as fraudulent as the Russiagate case, and Mueller's investigation were, and Trump remains very popular with his base among Republican voters, which can be mobilized to defeat any turncoats.

However, as with the original Russiagate narrative, the attack on Trump was never about anything he did which was impeachable, but about preventing him from implementing the agenda which got him elected, that is, his intention to break with the strategic and economic policies of the failed presidencies of his predecessors, Bush and Obama.   With the collapse of the Mueller Russiagate case, and Trump's bold moves to cooperate with Russia and other nations to end the destructive, "endless" wars unleashed by Bush and Obama, the London/Wall Street forces, which opposed him since he first announced for President, are compelled to lurch ahead with the latest desperate attempt to defend their agenda.

An additional factor adding to their desperation is the progress of the Barr-Durham investigation, which threatens to expose the cooperation between the Obama intelligence community and several foreign governments⁠—especially the U.K. and its "Five Eyes" network⁠—in their illegal efforts to bring down Trump through a regime change coup.


The announcement on October 24 that the Barr-Durham investigation into the origins of Russiagate shifted from an "administrative review" to a "criminal inquiry" has fueled the hysteria of the "Get Trump" forces.  This move gives Durham the power to subpoena documents and witnesses, to impanel a Grand Jury, and to file criminal charges.  When combined with the soon-to-be-public report from Justice Department Inspector General Horowitz into abuse, by the FBI, of the secret FISA Court system, to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, it is only a matter of time before indictments against the perpetrators of the coup are produced.

According to NBC-News, Durham is looking into the role played by Obama's CIA Director John Brennan and his Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.  Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson reports in the blog "Sic Semper Tyrannis", that a CIA official revealed to him that Brennan, with backing from Clapper, set up a "Trump Task Force" early in 2016, and spoke with intelligence operatives in the UK's MI-6, as well as in the spy agencies of Australia, Italy and Israel, to enlist them in spying on the Trump campaign.  Operatives from these nations were brought in on the entrapment run by the CIA and FBI of Trump's National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn, and campaign official George Papadopoulos.  This same network worked with Ukrainian officials to manufacture intelligence for use against Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort.  

Flynn was strong-armed into a guilty plea by Mueller⁠—which is presently being challenged by his new attorney, Sidney Powell⁠—while Papadopoulos served a short jail term, and Manafort remains in prison, as a result of these set-ups.       

The fear this investigation is producing was on display during an interview with Clapper on CNN, during which he tried to justify his criminal activity by pointing a finger at Obama.  We were investigating "Russian interference" on orders from Obama, he whined.  He asked if he should "blow off what...Obama, told us to do?"  He added that it is disconcerting "to be investigated for having done our duty, and done what we were told to do by the President."

While Obama is unlikely to be pleased by being named by Clapper, what really provokes panic is that the Barr-Durham investigation is pursuing leads which identify the actual network which coordinated the operation, for which Obama and his team were merely puppets.  Unraveling the role of Josef Mifsud and Stefan Halper as shared assets of MI-6 and the CIA-FBI sting apparatus, and that of Christopher Steele, the former MI-6 operative who produced the "dodgy dossier" used to defraud the FISA Court, and the American people, is at the center of the in-depth investigation underway by the Barr-Durham team.

Steele's role makes a useful connection between Russiagate, and the current effort at impeachment connected to Ukraine, and points to the highest levels of the Trans-Atlantic oligarchs of the City of London/British Empire, as the perpetrators of the anti-Trump farce, as Steele worked closely with those who pulled off the coup in Ukraine in 2014, before producing the faked dossier in 2016⁠—paid for by the Clinton campaign⁠—on Trump and Putin.


An article by LaRouchepac correspondent and legal expert Barbara Boyd in the November 1 issue of the Executive Intelligence Review, "Ukrainegate, or the Coup Against President Donald Trump⁠—Phase Three", exposes the malicious fraud in the latest attacks against Trump.  Boyd details the lies of Rep. Adam Schiff, appointed chief prosecutor by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in using a doctored version of the transcript of the call between Trump and Ukraine's President Zelensky, to back up the story of a fake Whistleblower, which led to the latest charges.   Among Schiff's lies is that he had never been in contact with the Whistleblower, when that official had come to his office before going through proper channels, to make his complaint.  

The name of a key figure who was involved both in the coup and its aftermath, and the present impeachment narrative as the original "whistle blower", has surfaced.  He is Eric Ciaramella, who was identified by investigative reporter Paul Sperry, in an article which appeared in RealClearInvestigations, on October 30.   Sperry says that Ciaramella's name has been widely discussed as the so-called whistle blower, but that, due to his history of connections to the coup plotters, it is evident why Schiff has been so zealously insisting his identity be kept secret.

Ciaramella is a CIA agent, who was deployed by former CIA Director, and key Trump accuser John Brennan, to join the National Security Council as an expert on Ukraine, in 2015.  While at the NSC, from 2015 to 2016, Ciaramella served under Susan Rice, and worked with Vice President Joe Biden, who was the Obama administration's point man on Ukraine.  Among those he brought into contact with Biden is Alexandra Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American who worked as an "opposition researcher" with the Democratic National Committee during Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.  Chalupa was in contact with the Ukrainian embassy in Washington, and government officials in Kiev, and was digging for dirt on Trump, his campaign manager Paul Manafort, and their connections to Russia.  

Her efforts may be at least partially responsible for the "black ledger" alleged by Mueller to confirm illegal payments by Ukrainians to Manafort, which was instrumental in his conviction.  Manafort's lawyer now contends there was no such ledger, but that it was a fiction concocted by Mueller's prosecutors to convict Manafort.  Mueller never produced the ledger!  This fraud by Mueller⁠—including the story of the non-existent black ledger⁠—is part of the Ukraine aspect of the origins of Russiagate under investigation by Barr and Durham.

Ciaramella continued to serve in the NSC when Trump became President, but he left his posting in June 2017 when his name surfaced regarding possible leaks to the media.  He then went back to the CIA, where he continued to focus on Ukraine.  (For more on Ciaramella, see this article.)

The hearings on "Ukrainegate", triggered by the surfacing of this whistleblower, conducted thus far in the House before Schiff's committee, have been secret.  The Republicans have had limited access to documents, and little ability to cross examine the witnesses, whom Boyd describes as a parade of "unelected diplomatic elite", many of whom had been involved in the February 2014 coup in Ukraine, and later worked with the apparatus engaged in Russiagate.  Schiff continues to insist on protecting the identity of the original whistleblower, allegedly to protect him.  The "Star Chamber" nature of the hearings has been protested by Republicans.  Though the decision to vote for an official inquiry was in part a reaction to this protest, the impeachment resolution still limits their ability to challenge the "evidence" presented by Schiff's team.  While giving Republican committee members a chance to subpoena documents and testimony, this will happen only if Schiff, or a majority on the committee, agrees to allow it! 

The impeachment process was triggered by the charge from the whistle blower that Trump improperly used his power to withhold funds to Ukraine unless the Zelensky government conducted an investigation into corruption by one of his 2020 opponents, former Vice President Joe Biden, whose son Hunter served on the board of Burisma, an oil company owned by a Ukrainian oligarch.  Biden, who acknowledges that he was in Ukraine "twelve or thirteen times" as the Obama administration's "point man", bragged that he had forced the Poroshenko government to fire the prosecutor who had been investigating the company, and his son.

The timing of the investigation into Trump's alleged abuse of power, however, rips a huge hole in this story.  The "whistleblower" surfaced at precisely the point that it became clear that the Barr-Durham team was looking into the role of Ukrainian officials in launching the Russiagate story.  It is not a coincidence that those involved in the 2014 coup in Ukraine⁠—including Obama officials Biden and State Department operatives under neocon Assistant Secretary Nuland, coordinating with the regime change apparat of the National Endowment for Democracy the anti-Russian Atlantic Council, and George Soros⁠—were also at the forefront of the failed Russiagate story.  Boyd makes the case that the Ukraine impeachment case grew out of a desperate effort to block the story of the Ukraine coup and the involvement of its perpetrators in launching Russiagate, to prevent it from coming out.

But more is coming out daily, with Sperry's reporting the proverbial tip of the iceberg.  

From the time of Trump's election victory, the publications associated with the LaRouche movement have exposed that the attacks on Trump had nothing to do with Russian hacking or Trump collusion with the Russians, but were a desperate effort to prevent Trump from moving U.S. policy out from under control by the City of London, with its strategy of using geopolitical confrontations to enforce its globalist financial swindles, and into the role of a sovereign state committed to cooperation with other sovereign nations.  

Once Trump was elected, an impeachment drive was designed to overturn the results of the election.  It is now also a way to shape the next election, as acknowledged by Rep. Al Green, who introduced the first impeachment resolution in the House.  Green said that "if we don't impeach the President, he will get re-elected."  

The fear that Trump's re-election would lead to a break in the U.K.-U.S. "special relationship", which has served to insure that the U.S. remain the muscle behind British imperial geopolitics, was the subject of a House of Lords memo released in December 2018.  The Lords are not happy with the prospect that Trump could bring the U.S. into an alliance with Eurasian nations in a New Paradigm of international relations, instead of continuing to play the role of an enforcer of the Empire, bogged down in endless wars with no benefit to America's national security interests. 

Keeping the U.S. as a military enforcer on a British leash is what is behind the impeachment frenzy, not any phony concern with "crimes" allegedly committed by Trump.  If this is made clear to American voters, his reelection is virtually assured.


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