War and Peace at Stake in Mid-Term Elections

With the critical U.S. mid-term elections now five weeks away, it would be wise to consider the words of German defense expert, Willy Wimmer, who represented the Christian Democratic Union in the German Bundestag for many years, and served as an Assistant Defense Minister.  On September 3, Wimmer warned that if the Democrats take back the House of Representatives on November 6, and use their majority to impeach President Donald Trump, his removal would be a prelude to nuclear war against Russia.  Removing Trump, he said, "would be the breaking of the dam which is keeping the peace alive," and a war could occur as early as 2019.

In a webcast several days later, and in subsequent statements, Helga Zepp LaRouche concurred with Wimmer's assessment.  The war faction associated with the Bushes, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would be back in power, she said, and "we would be back on the war track if this impeachment would succeed."  In spite of the fierce opposition to Trump's intention to work together with nations the war faction identifies as "enemies" of the U.S.—most importantly Russia and China—the President continues to emphasize his desire for peaceful, cooperative relations with them.  He is expected to meet with both Russian President Putin and Chinese President Xi on the sidelines of upcoming summits before the end of the year.  His most recent summit with Putin in Helsinki provoked absolute hysteria from the Russophobic networks desperately trying to remove him from the White House, to protect the dangerous post-Cold War order they built, on the basis of a unipolar world dominated by U.S. military power, enforcing imperial geopolitics.  

The Russiagate fake scandal, which was fabricated to prevent Trump from pursuing a break with British-directed geopolitics-as-usual, has failed to produce a shred of evidence that Trump owes his election to Russian interference, or that he colluded with the Russians.  Even worse from the standpoint of its perpetrators among leading elements of British intelligence and Obama intelligence community figures, such as CIA Director Brennan and national intelligence director Clapper, is that there is voluminous evidence that they continue to be engaged in running an illegal "regime change" coup against Trump.  His order two weeks ago to declassify secret documents, the release of which will highlight the corruption of Justice Department/FBI networks which have participated in the coup efforts, could lead to indictments of the leaders of the coup, as well as fully exposing the role of the British in running the dangerous Trans-Atlantic war policy.  That is why the British and their subservient Australian allies appealed to Trump, through coup conspirator Rod Rosenstein, to reverse his order to declassify the relevant documents.    

Rosenstein himself is on the hot seat for allegedly proposing in May 2017 that he "wear a wire" during meetings with Trump, to build evidence that the President is unstable and a danger to the U.S.  According to notes from such meetings taken by former FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe, and reported in the New York Times on September 21, the intention was to use the secret recordings to justify using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump.  Rosenstein will be interrogated by House committee members in a closed-door session, while McCabe, who was fired for illegal leaks and lying, is a target of an ongoing grand jury investigation in Washington, D.C. 

The failure to "get Trump" with the Russiagate narrative has not stopped those whose world was turned upside down by Trump's election and the defeat of their chosen successor, Hillary Clinton.  Operating through the "Resist" network, they are playing the "identity politics" game, to try to engineer a Democratic Party sweep in the midterms.  The most recent example of this was the effort to use the hearings on Trump's nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, to revive the line that Trump is against women's rights, and that he, like Kavanaugh, is a sexual predator.   Democrats rallied behind emotional but unsubstantiated testimony against Kavanaugh, allegedly about a sexual assault more than thirty years ago, to demand Kavanaugh's rejection by the U.S. Senate.  In the absence of any evidence or corroboration of the charges against him, they argued that not accepting the stories shows Republican indifference to the brutalization of women.

But polls are showing they may have overplayed their hand.  An FBI investigation found no evidence to back the story, while there has been a sharp blowback against the Democrats' insistence that there can be no presumption of innocence in the face of accusations—a position which violates one of the most important principles of the American legal system.  Kavanaugh was confirmed on October 6, despite the furious Democratic assault, which included stirring up Jacobin mobs to threaten and attack Republican Senators.  Further, Trump's decision to stick by his choice of Kavanaugh forced Republicans who have opposed him, such as Corker of Tennessee, Sasse of Nebraska and Flake of Arizona, to stand with him in support of Kavanaugh's nomination.   

LaRouchePAC has presented a campaign strategy which would reverse the coup, and enable Trump to fulfill his 2016 campaign pledges—which he reiterated in his UNGA address last month—for the U.S. to end regime change policies, and restore sovereignty as the basis of international relations, in trade as well as in domestic and international economic/financial policies.  This means ending the fraudulent "free trade" policies of previous administrations, and returning to bank separation, through restoring GIass Steagall regulation, ending the swindle of central bank facilitating risky speculative banking, by providing virtually free money to the big banks, which has created an even bigger bubble than that which popped in 2008.

Those who support the President, and wish to protect the nation from a regime change coup, must communicate to American voters what Willy Wimmer, Paul Craig Roberts, and Helga Zepp LaRouche have stated: that, had Hillary Clinton been elected, there would probably already have been a war with Russia.  Preventing a return to power by the war faction is ultimately what the mid-term elections are about.


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  • mark benjamin
    commented 2018-10-09 14:35:47 -0400
    I am currently on no one’s Side in this political mess of a game but you are one of the reasoned outlets + podcasts that I pay attention to when you make statements. As some who is actively trying too learn Economic , Trading & political context .without a teacher and No real skin in the game minus despair I Truly hope for your success. At the same time i hope you interview people outside your political Norm or spectrum From different Youtubers who might be combative with your vie on things but are Truly wanting positive change . so here is a list of notable youtubers that podcast that might hear you out .

    1) Tim Pool – A journalist who’s claim too fame is his fair look at occupy a reasonable person and very fact oriented and brakes things down For his subscribers … currently focused on The culture wars and the social damage happening too his party. (lefty leans Center left anarchist) https://www.facebook.com/Timcasts

    2)Jamarl Thomas -from the progressive soup box – A relatively New youtuber on the political info side talks about (What Is) and (what should be ) a admitted socialist but he is a realist as well he is willing too go across too new platforms as long as things are planned out Very open to Different points of view . If you get the chance i hope you will interview him and talk about your form of Economics What’s wrong with current system and your insights on things for potential audience growth and partisan understanding .https://www.facebook.com/jamarlt

    3) Jimmy Dore – A comedian and political commentator who has all but given up on the Dems kinda his network is quit big and is open too your opinions inn my opinion . to spread the word .https://www.facebook.com/jimmydore

    YouTube is currently making ghetto’s of some YouTubers and there content won’t be even considered unless looked for so let’s go too them who ever is willing and see if we can if not change minds at least give them an idea of how Sirius activism for development looks like .

    hope this helps you out
  • David Goldberg
    commented 2018-10-09 14:33:04 -0400
    This is so true and I am pleased to see the EU is taking the correct stand on the importance of keeping the Democrats out of power and the absolute need to support President Trump to maintain world peace . The left wing global politics is a grave danger to the whole of humanity . God save us from these lunatics hell bent killing us all off