War Hawks & Neolibs Run Would-Be Biden Administration

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The following article, War Hawks & Neolibs Run Would-Be Biden Administration, was supposed to have been posted last week.  Due to an overload of activity, I did not send it to be posted.  For that, I apologize.  However, what is covered in the article remains relevant as far as our present battle is concerned. 

As for the general picture, President Trump is still fighting to make sure that your vote, and every legitimate vote is counted, and that those who engaged in both "old-fashioned ballot stuffing" and the modern version of cyber fraud in counting the votes are not rewarded for their efforts.  Hopefully, instead of a Biden administration, many of them will be looking at time in prison!  There are still options, both legal and political, to reverse the election theft, which require an ongoing mobilization of the American people, especially through exerting enormous pressure on state legislators and members of the U.S. Congress.  I am sure that many of you who are readers of my blog page, and viewers of my Daily Update at LaRouchePAC Facebook Videos have not given up, and are involved in that mobilization.

Our nation's enemies, foreign (especially those in the City of London) and domestic, are committed to succeeding in a regime change coup against President Trump, and are using every dirty trick and devious action they can muster—as they have for the last four years—to finish the job.  As you know, I and my colleagues have been exposing their actions, naming the names of those in the criminal cabal, and providing solutions as to how to defeat them.  We will continue to do so.

I want to thank you for following my blog page and watching my Updates, and hope that you will share them widely.  I also want to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas, and pledge to you we will escalate our efforts in the New Year.

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In the midst of an unprecedented challenge to the outcome of last month's Presidential election in the United States, the suit filed by the state of Texas before the Supreme Court of the United States seemed to represent the decisive legal battleground over the 2020 election fraud.  The Texas suit charged that the voting process and counting in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania violated federal law, and the rights of voters to have an honest election.  Both sides were prepared for an explosive conclusion: a total of 18 states filed amici briefs in support of Texas, and six of those states filed a motion to intervene, indicating additional strong support for Texas’s initiative.  Joining those states, 106 Republican Congressmen signed onto a brief to file a separate motion of amicus curiae with Texas. On the other side, 22 other states plus the District of Columbia filed a brief backing the four states, to counter the Texas suit.

With so much riding on the Texas case, President Donald Trump filed his own amicus brief, which highlights his view of the life-and-death political issue at stake: “Our Country is deeply divided in ways that it arguably has not been seen since the election of 1860. There is a high level of distrust between the opposing sides,” which cries out for Supreme Court intervention.  The decision of the Supreme Court to not hear the case, stating that Texas lacked the standing to file it, shows that, in the hostile environment created by the media and the political establishment regarding the charge of fraud, not one Supreme Court Justice could summon the courage to give any credibility to the charge that the election of Biden was the result of fraud.

As this drama is still unfolding, a new level of censorship has emerged, as the "mainstream media" continue to insist there is "no evidence of fraud", and that such charges are "baseless"—this from the same media which for four years screamed about "Russian meddling" and "Trump collusion", allegations which were known to those pushing them to have been fabricated by opponents of President Trump from within the intelligence communities in the United Kingdom (GCHQ and MI6) and the Obama administration.  Joining the "mainstream," YouTube announced that it will now delete any content which asserts that “widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election.”  YouTube censors justify this, arguing that “enough states have certified their election results to determine a President-elect,” joining Twitter and Facebook in cutting off public dialogue on the question of electoral fraud, despite massive evidence compiled of irregularities in certifying the legitimacy of voters and the ballots cast, failure to allow observers at the polls to monitor the voting and counting, and expert testimony of highly improbable statistical anomalies in electronic counts by companies with extensive links to anti-Trump networks.  These include Dominion Voting Systems, incorporated in the British Commonwealth country of Canada, and Smartmatic Software, which includes on its board Lord Malloch Brown, who brags about his past exploits in triggering regime change by falsified vote counts.  Lord Malloch Brown is a member of the Queen of England's Privy Council, and a long-time ally of serial coup plotter George Soros, who just appointed him to be chairman of his Open Society Foundation. 


A look at the choices for Joe Biden's cabinet speaks volumes about what the anti-Trump war of the last four years has been about.  Trump won in 2016 because he opposed the financial/intelligence establishment which dictated the policies of the Bush-Cheney and Obama-Biden administrations.  He was especially vocal in opposition to the "endless wars" and regime change coups the neocons organized, and the globalist neoliberal economic policies, which committed the U.S. to supranational trade agreements which decimated the physical economy, and the Green policies of the Paris Climate Accord, which would further eliminate the benefits of American science and technology.  

Trump was an "outsider", who spoke with contempt for the dirty deals made by the Bush Republicans and the Obama Democrats.  Once he became President, he moved aggressively to reach cooperative agreements with Russia's President Putin and China's President Xi, which threatened the orchestrated geopolitical tensions which characterized the confrontational approach of his predecessors.  Needless to say, increasing the danger of confrontation between the U.S. and those other two superpowers, which resulted from Bush and Obama policies, was precisely the intent of the unipolar order which the Anglo-American imperial "Military Industrial Complex" (MIC) had constructed, with the expectation that Hillary Clinton's election would serve to ratchet that threat up a notch or two. 

With Trump's election victory, and indications that he would not follow the rules of British imperial geopolitics, Russiagate was fabricated to dissuade him from engaging with Putin, or to remove him if he proceeded with that plan.  When that failed, as the underlying lies and slanders were exposed as fabrications produced by the same allied British and U.S. intelligence teams responsible for the faulty strategic architecture of the post-Cold War order, the establishment turned to a dubious figure, former Vice President Joe Biden, as the figurehead to restore that order.  Fully aware that the aging Biden was not a charismatic, compelling figure, who had failed repeatedly in past efforts to win a presidential election, a decision was made to rig the election, to insure that Trump would not be re-elected, and that a Biden administration could be imposed to reinstate the reckless imperial geopolitical doctrines of the previous administrations. 

The choices rolled out by the Biden team for defense and security positions confirm this, as they include leading war hawks who were among the architects of turning the "war on terror" into permanent imperial conflicts.  Antony Blinken has already been named as incoming Secretary of State.  He was a leading advocate of a more aggressive confrontation against Russia over Ukraine, when Biden was the pointman for Ukrainian policy.  Blinken stated he regrets that he was not more successful in pushing for the overthrow of Assad in Syria, when he served as Deputy Secretary of State and Deputy National Security Adviser under Obama.  The initial favorite to be appointed Defense Secretary was unrepentant War Hawk Michele Flournoy, who served in both the Clinton and Obama administrations, advocating expanding the war in Afghanistan, overthrowing Assad and Qadaffi, and escalating U.S. presence in Asia to deter "Chinese aggressive intentions."  She joined with Blinken in 2017 to establish a consulting firm, West/Exec Advisers, with clients which are a "Who's Who" of the MIC.  The motto of the firm betrays its intent to sell influence: "Bringing the Situation Room to the Boardroom."

When her past as a war-mongering advocate for the MICwhose choice would confirm the worst aspects of "conflicts of interest" as a representative of the corporations profiting from the war machineproved too difficult to defend, she was pushed aside for retired General Lloyd Austin.  Yet Austin has the same background, moving from the military into the corporate boardroom of defense contractor Raytheon Technologies, which has $73 billion in orders from the federal government and is a major supplier of weapons to the Saudis.  He is also listed as one of the "D.C. Partners" of Pine Island Capital Partners, along with Blinken and Flournoy.  Pine Island is a private equity firm which is already using its "access" to top government officials in its appeal to potential investors.  

Questions are now being raised about why, if Flournoy's past hawkishness and corporate ties make her too controversial a choice for Defense Secretary, her partners Blinken and Austin are deemed acceptable?  Another alum from West/Exec Advisers, Avril Haines, who worked closely with Obama and CIA Director John Brennan in drafting a legal cover for their weekly sessions which mapped out targeted assassinations, is slated to serve as Biden's Director of National Intelligence.  Further, the choice of Susan Rice, Obama's former National Security Adviser, as Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, is a point of concern for anti-war Progressives.  Rice is another Hawk who is also implicated in fabricating the Russiagate narrative.

Another contentious choice is Neera Tanden, a long-time operative of Hillary Clinton, for Director of the Office of Management and Budget.  Tanden hates the idea of cooperation with Russia, and still insists the narrative of Russiagate is correct!  An outspoken defender of regime change wars, she drafted a memo arguing that the U.S. should take some of Libya's oil as a reimbursement for overthrowing Qadaffi and plunging that country into a brutal civil war.  She defended this by arguing that the U.S. must have "oil rich countries pay us back" if "we want to continue to engage in the world."

The choice of former Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary also conforms to the idea of a unipolar world, in which national sovereignty is subordinated to the demands of private banks, operating through central banks.  This idea, for a "financial regime change", which Yellen enthusiastically backs, was floated by former Bank of England chairman Mark Carney, and a team of former central bankers working for Black Rock in August 2019.  BlackRock executive Brian Deese has been named to lead the National Economic Council, increasing the clout of private banking interests on Biden's team.  By insisting that fiscal policy become the domain of central banks rather than elected legislative bodies, with technocrats making the decisionsas BlackRock's proposal specifiesa global dictatorship over credit and fiscal policy will be consolidated, which will continue the bailouts of bankrupt banks, while escalating global deindustrialization through imposing a Green agenda.  

Thanks to media censorship, the intention of Biden's controllers to set up this global banker's dictatorship, with a commitment to endless wars, was not known to most of those who actually did vote for Biden.  And if Biden ends up in the White House, and pursues this deadly course, the explosion against his administration will make the uprising since 2016 against the establishment seem tame in contrast.


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